Xinhua Silk Road: Chinese liquor brand TingHua creates multi-sensory baijiu tasting experience

The five-step tasting experience of TingHua baijiu adds two additional steps of listening and burning to the regular three-step experience containing observing, smelling and tasting. Specially-designed wine sets were also introduced to guide the consumers into the multi-sensory experience.

“You can tell if the baijiu is good by listening to it,” said Zhang, explaining that in ancient China, people who make baijiu would listen to the sound of the bubbles bursting in order to judge if the liquor is nicely brewed.

The reason why TingHua includes the burning technique to its tasting experience is because baijiu of different qualities can appear different, smell different, and have different temperatures after being burned, in which case the TingHua baijiu remains a pleasant fruity smell. 

The five-step tasting experience is suitable for TingHua baijiu because more flavours were added to the liquor compared with most types of traditional baijiu, allowing the consumers to feel its aroma, according to Liu Lingxiao, co-developer of TingHua baijiu and deputy general manager of Qinghai Spring.

“The application of new brewing techniques also allows the TingHua baijiu to have a soothing and refreshing taste that brings a comfortable feel,” Liu added. 

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SOURCE Xinhua Silk Road

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