Women Tech Council Launches Program to Connect Tech Companies with Women in Tech

SANDY, Utah, May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Women Tech Council (WTC), a national organization focused on the economic impact of women in technology, today announced the launch of WTC Careers, a program that accelerates growth for tech companies and women in tech. WTC Careers connects women in tech with career opportunities and helps technology companies acquire talented women by giving unique access to expanded networks and visibility to women throughout the tech sector.

“The continuing growth and long-term health of the technology sector hinges on attracting and retaining talent that can spur innovation and drive performance,” said WTC President Cydni Tetro. “Because women are multipliers in this type of impact, access to networks like WTC Careers with a deep reservoir of talented women in tech are invaluable in helping build high-performing teams that drive impact in profit, revenue and every other vital metric.”

Through WTC Careers, leading technology companies will list career opportunities at all levels for women and men in the WTC community. Applicants who come through WTC Careers will activate a WTC referral, demonstrating their engagement in the tech community.

For more information about WTC Careers, visit www.wtccareers.com.

For more information about WTC, visit www.womentechcouncil.com.

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About Women Tech Council:
Women Tech Council (WTC) is a national organization focused on the economic impact of women in the technology sector through developing programs that propel the economic pipeline from high school K-12 to the C-suite. WTC offers mentoring, visibility, opportunities and networking to more than 10,000 women and men working in technology to create business environments focused on inclusivity and high performance. Through this work, WTC propels women in technology careers and the talent pipeline by ensuring a strong, diverse and entrepreneurial technology workforce. For more information on Women Tech Council, visit: www.womentechcouncil.org.

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