Wilson Amplifiers Provides Commercial Cellular, Public Safety, and Vehicle Signal Booster Installation Service in USA


HOUSTON, March 12, 2019 — Wilson Amplifiers, the leading independent provider of Wilson Electronics cell phone signal boosters, now provides turnkey commercial signal booster installation services across rural and urban areas in USA.

Available for cellular, public safety, wifi, or DAS, Wilson’s professional installation team provides a full stack integration service ranging from site survey, floor plan analysis, equipment, and expert up-to-code installation.

Why Companies are Investing In Signal Boosters
With the rising number of cellular devices, faster data speeds, and growth of public safety coverage mandates, the need to have strong signal inside buildings grows more important every day.

Commercial signal boosters improve inside 4G LTE & 3G, public safety, or wifi signals in weak signal areas such as remote areas or buildings with limited cellular or radio coverage. By amplifying the signal, critical areas are covered with reliable reception thus improving productivity and safety.

“The commercial signal booster installation service has grown exponentially along with the signal booster industry in general,” Andrew Hansen, COO, said. “From cellular to public safety, the demand for in-building coverage continues to be a growing demand especially as more people and devices connect online.”

The 8-Step Process of Professional Installations

Wilson Amplifiers follows the highest industry standards that comply with local jurisdictions, government, fire marshals, and IT directors.

1. Site Survey

The most important step, this is measuring signal frequency & bands outside the building, locating cell towers, and finding which areas are potential problem areas.

2. Floor Plan Analysis

With building layout and floor plans in hand, an RF or certified signal boosting technician calculates potential signal coverage, equipment, cable runs, accessories needed, and other options.

3. Client Consultation

The Floor Plan Analysis is delivered to the client and discussed in detail about coverage expectations, products, and pricing.

4. Outside Antenna Installation

5. Amplifier Installation

The amplifier is installed in an area where tech has easy access to service the booster. They are generally installed in the IT room for monitoring.

6. Broadcast Antenna Installation

7. Testing

Once everything is soft-installed, the installer or integrator will turn on the amplifier and do a full walkthrough with the Floor Plan Analysis, accounting for dB readings before and after the installation.

8. Post-Installation Support

Customer support follows up a few days to a week later to confirm that everything is working at 110% to the client’s expectations.

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About Wilson Amplifiers

Wilson Amplifiers is the leading independent provider of Wilson Electronics (weBoost & WilsonPro) cell phone signal boosters. With over 10,000,000 sq ft of coverage solutions provided in homes, businesses, and cars across America, we know a thing or two about improving cell phone coverage. For more information visit https://www.wilsonamplifiers.com/

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