WILL Interactive and Crisis Consultant Group Create Potentially Life-Saving Response to Workplace Violence


WASHINGTON, March 13, 2019 — To address an urgent and growing need, WILL Interactive and Crisis Consultant Group have created “Active Threat Response: What Everyone Should Know” (ATR). This groundbreaking interactive video training brings CCG’s proven curriculum to life online using WILL’s evidence and scenario-based learning.

ATR uses gaming, storytelling, and interactive movie to create a highly engaging and memorable learning experience in which users become the characters in a workplace active threat situation.  ATR provides an opportunity to make in-the-moment decisions that lead to various outcomes, and delivers a cognitive and emotional experience that can help learners when they need it most.

Former Secret Service Director, Lew Merletti notes that, “With these kinds of events in the news so often, it’s clear that engaging and effective training on this subject is a must, and this program is by far the best I’ve seen.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace homicides averaged 435 annually in the most recent five-year period surveyed, and co-workers were responsible for a large percentage of workplace violence. Mass shootings, knife, and vehicle attacks are a feature of contemporary life for which everyone should be ready at any time.

Emphasizing that every situation is different and there is no one “right” way to respond, ATR acknowledges the facts but doesn’t try to scare or shock. Instead, learners receive practical instruction about best practices and become empowered with life-saving information and techniques to survive and assist others during an active threat event. Additionally, ATR provides progressive instruction in full alignment with the Department of Homeland Security “Run, Hide, Fight” and “Stop The Bleed” initiatives.

Crisis Consultant Group: Founded in 2004 on a bedrock of Human Service, Healthcare, Military and Law Enforcement tactical experience, CCG’s proven crisis prevention training and de-escalation techniques are utilized throughout the United States and internationally, in a myriad of workplace environments. Their client list includes some of the best-known names in business. CCG’s Active Threat Response curriculum has been designed to provide the most effective, practical, and realistic responses to emergencies. www.crisisconsultantgroup.com

WILL Interactive: WILL Interactive is the most experienced and award-winning immersive learning simulation developer in the United States. WILL products have won over 85 awards from organizations that include: Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, Horizon Interactive, Software Information Industry Association, Association of Educational Publishers, Chief Learning Officer, National Training and Simulation Association and others. Millions in both the private and public sector use WILL’s programs.  Independent studies show they positively influence inidual’s knowledge, attitudes, and behavior. www.willinteractive.com

SOURCE WILL Interactive

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