Why Celer and DOS Are Rushing to Collaborate With Ultrain

NEW YORK, March 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Ultrain announced their partnership with Celer Network, the latest Binance Launchpad rising star, in October of 2018 at the Ultrain Supernova conference in San Francisco. Up next was DOS Network, another renowned project in the blockchain 3.0 space, who announced their strategic cooperation with Ultrain in March. The question then arises: why are these two all-star projects collaborating with Ultrain?

Let’s start by looking at the backgrounds of both projects:

Celer Network was founded in early 2018 and is currently based in Silicon Valley and Shanghai. They are committed to building an Internet-scale blockchain application portal based on their chain scaling solution. This will enable global developers to quickly and easily operate high-performance distributed blockchain applications on the platform. Currently, Celer Network is recognized as the most advanced blockchain scaling platform worldwide.

Celer Network also launched their first mobile application, CelerX. The app, which launched in early 2019, aims to create a fair and engaging game platform based on their chain scaling technology. Celer Network is supported by venture capital firms such as Matrix China, Frees Fund, 360 Innovation Capital and Rootscap Capital, as well as world-renowned public chain projects and top cryptocurrency funds.

DOS Network was founded by Hua Siyuan and Wang Qi, who are both graduates from Carnegie Mellon University in the fields of electronics and computer engineering. DOS is a scalable and decentralized layer 2 oracle service network that enables decentralized applications to acquire external data and perform complex calculations in a secure and efficient environment. This is an essential tool that allows blockchains to interface with the offline world, allowing for the development of many new applications. DOS Network already supports a variety of mainstream blockchains such as Ultrain, Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and ThunderCore. These public chains can obtain real-world data, such as stock information, weather, flights and many other useful feeds using the DOS Network.

The creation of a truly valuable technology often comes from the combination of different outstanding projects, which together deliver the most dazzling results. The cooperation between Celer, DOS and Ultrain are one of these technologies. Celer and DOS chose Ultrain as the underlying public chain infrastructure for their projects for the fact that Ultrain has many advantages over other similar projects, in both technical and commercial regards.

Ultrain, as a global leader in trusted computing technology infrastructure, provides trusted, secure, efficient and quality commercial service to users. Ultrain’s core difference is the innovative consensus mechanism, Random Proof of Stake (R-POS), which solves the problem of low blockchain performance, consistently producing 3000 transactions per second with a block confirmation time of 10 seconds. Ultrain’s innovative multichain architecture allows the network TPS to scale linearly with each additional sidechain. The project’s founding team comes with experience from leading tech companies such as Alibaba, Ant Financial, Huawei, and Qihoo 360. Employing the world’s top professionals in IT, cryptography, peer-to-peer communication technology, computer security, blockchain, and finance allows for the incredible internationalization of development, resulting in rapid project turnarounds and creation.

Ultrain is the highest performing blockchain 3.0 project and the only public chain currently providing commercial services. It has been selected into the Microsoft Accelerator program and Amazon’s “AWS Activate China” program. Meanwhile, Ultrain’s commercial trusted computing service has been successfully launched on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Ultrain is committed to creating a distributed, open, trusted computing platform with features such as transparency, autonomy, and immutable data, which will help business to transform traditional business models by integrating online and offline services and reduce the overhead costs. This platform has been live since Jan. 1, 2019, and is officially providing commercial services with leading companies such as YOHO! and Electronic Souls, with projects developing in new sectors, such as commerce, games, energy, advertising, medical, philanthropy and so on. These are among the reasons why Ultrain is so appealing to other cutting-edge blockchain companies.

As an off-chain scalability technology architecture, Celer Network can effectively improve the technical performance of public chain blockchains, which Ultrain can leverage to achieve further off-chain performance improvements. At the same time, DOS Network will cooperate with Ultrain in the development and adoption of globally scalable decentralized applications, as well as reliable on-chain data input and complex computing capabilities.

Top-level project cooperation is often a process of mutual assistance. We believe that these projects will be able to jointly create a large and beautiful blockchain ecosystem, to the benefit of industry and development communities worldwide.

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