When You Know Your Origin, You Know Your Impact

Their newest design series, KAIDA Dining, is a limited edition run of tables that are all individually handcrafted and signed and numbered by local artisans from Manaus, the capital city of the Brazilian state of Amazonas. KAIDA Dining follows an already successful line of ethically sourced artisanal artifacts and decorative objects. All KAIDA series promote the local Brazilian economy by supporting the indigenous artisanal communities through fair share compensation.

KAIDA founder Thomas Lutazi, who grew up visiting the woodworking shops of his grandfathers, reconnected with his love for woodworking through his travels to Manaus. It was there that he befriended the indigenous artisans of Manaus and the idea for KAIDA was born.

Regarding KAIDA he says,

“When you enable indigenous artisans to profit from their work, it creates an even larger scale positive impact on the community and its ecological surroundings. A requisite when creating KAIDA was to give back to the Manaus community by raising awareness about deforestation, obtaining resources in a non-predatory form, and guaranteeing a dignified income for all.”

Collectively, consumers can create lasting positive change by taking small actions like supporting products and businesses such as KAIDA that provide traceability and process transparency while respecting the interconnectivity between humanity and nature.

The KAIDA Dining and KAIDA Objects series can be found at KAIDANYC.com

KAIDA also provides pre-treated, geographically certified salvaged wood materials to designers, makers, and architects.

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