What’s Up, Dotcom? Booming Real Estate Marketing SaaS Company Carrot Invests $600,000 to Acquire Iconic Carrot.com Domain Name

ROSEBURG, Ore., April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Oregon’s fastest growing software company* is celebrating this year’s International Carrot Day by announcing they have successfully acquired Carrot.com, a domain name the startup has eyed for years.

Carrot, the SaaS (software as a service) firm helping real estate agents and investors grow through better lead generation and online brand presence, has upgraded its domain name from OnCarrot.com to the shorter and more intuitive Carrot.com. The company has seen 1775% growth since it was founded in 2013.

“Businesses can’t simply ‘get online’ and expect to see results. Maybe 10 years ago, but today it’s about standing out and actually getting results with your website,” said Trevor Mauch, CEO and Founder of Carrot. “People might think a small, bootstrapped company from rural Oregon is crazy to pay so much to own a domain named after a vegetable. But we’ve reached enough momentum as a company that we decided to invest in the perfect domain name for Carrot, which of course is Carrot.com. This is an investment in our future, doubling down on our brand, and a commitment to go bigger and impact far more small businesses.”

Mauch went on to explain that although the company has always been named Carrot, some of its customers mistakenly thought the company was named OnCarrot because of its initial OnCarrot.com domain name.

Helping to facilitate the $600,000 acquisition of Carrot.com was Name Ninja, a Toronto-based domain name brokerage firm that helps global companies acquire already-registered domain names. Carrot.com was purchased from the estate of Toronto artist Michael Kupka, who passed away in 2018. Kupka had registered the domain name in 1996 and used it for two decades to showcase his innovative stereoscopic (3D) paintings from his studio at Carrot Common, a popular Toronto arts and retail hub.

“This was a smart and bold move by Carrot since the company now owns the definitive Carrot domain name,” said domain name expert and Name Ninja founder Bill Sweetman, who brokered the Carrot.com deal. Sweetman said he is especially pleased about one of the important deal conditions: “Michael Kupka’s creative legacy will live on because Carrot has promised to host a page on their website devoted to Michael’s artwork.”

About Carrot
Carrot (www.carrot.com) provides software and training that helps real estate agents and investors generate more inbound leads online. Carrot’s flagship system is a lead generation website system that helps businesses rank well in Google, convert visitors to leads, and nurture those leads into sales.

About Name Ninja
Name Ninja (www.nameninja.com) is one of the world’s only independent professional service firms focused on helping startup founders, serial entrepreneurs, and corporate marketers acquire domain names that are owned by third-parties. Using a combination of research, negotiation, and technical skills, the Name Ninja team pursues and acquires domain names on behalf of clients.

* Source: Inc. Magazine, 2018

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