Webnovel Shares New Trends In Online Publishing at London Book Fair

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Webnovel organized a discussion at the London Book Fair to exchange ideas with more overseas publishers, content developers and readers about new trends and online publishing business models. Yuren Liu, Content Director of Webnovel, talked about how micro-transactions and an in-game-purchase model can be utilized in the online publishing industry, and Webnovel’s strategy to push ahead with such models.

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In addition, the company also brought to the Fair the Pocket Reader — an e-book reader that China Literature developed that can easily fit in a pocket. The product features a voice feature, enabling readers to listen to the books. It can also support SIM cards and is equipped with an E-Ink display.

Founded in 2017 as an overseas portal of China Literature, Webnovel offers a comprehensive platform for online literature. It has gathered more than 16,000 international authors and more than 200 inidual translators and groups, who have published over 23,000 original novels, 300 translated novels and some translated Chinese and Korean webtoons. Recent trending publications on Webnovel include Reborn: Evolving from Nothing, Library of Heaven’s Path, The King’s Avatar, and more.

Webnovel has developed a unique business model and ecosystem where authors, platforms and readers can work together to reshape the online publishing industry. Webnovel offers support from story creation to publishing with professional writing advice from the company’s editorial team. Also, its excellent royalty payment and Contracted Works Guarantee systems ensure authors’ earnings. What’s more, authors on the platform also have the chance to commercialize their works. They can bring their characters and stories beyond the page, developing their works into movies, TV series, cartoons, and video games.

Webnovel offers users an interesting and ersified interactive community service, where they can follow updates from the author, post comments, and learn about the culture behind a work. They can also share their reading and writing experiences in various online communities.

About Webnovel

Webnovel, a global fictional stories hub, was launched in 2017 as the overseas portal of China Literature, which is China’s leading online literature and IP incubator. With a comprehensive platform, both on a website and in an app, it is committed to the global dissemination of web novels, bringing more value to authors worldwide and delivering high-quality web novels and an excellent reading experience to global readers. Download the Webnovel app on Android and iOS.

About China Literature

China Literature (0772.HK) was founded in March, 2015. A leading authorized digital reading platform and literature intellectual property (IP) incubator, China Literature has a renowned collection of content brands of Chinese digital reading including QQ Reading and qidian.com. The company has reserved more than 10 million digital works, hosts 7.3 million writers, and covers more than 200 content categories. With hundreds of millions of users in China, China Literature has become a leader in the market in terms of quality and quantity of content, influence of authors, and value of IP. The Company’s shares were listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on November 8, 2017.

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