WealthVest’s Newest Podcast Explores the Behaviors and Skillsets of the Industry’s Best Referral Generators


BOZEMAN, Mont., March 14, 2019 — Asking for referrals seems like an overwhelming task for the many advisors WealthVest and the Oechsli Institute work with. The solution? These two organizations have partnered for a new podcast dedicated to helping financial professionals conquer the art of referral marketing. The Referral Mastery Series explores the behaviors and skillsets of the industry’s best referral generators.

The bi-monthly series launched Thursday, Feb. 28 and is hosted by Stephen Boswell and Kevin Nichols of The Oechsli Institute.

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Boswell is the President of The Oechsli Institute. In addition to overseeing The Oechsli Institute’s research on financial advisor marketing, he speaks across the country on client acquisition, practice management, and social media.

His co-host, Nichols is the Chief Operating Officer at the Oechsli Institute. In addition to being a sought-after speaker, Nichols writes for WealthManagement.com, InvestmentNews, Registered Rep., RIA Central, RIA Biz, and more.

“The quickest route to more referral flow is to mirror the actions of high referral generators—that’s what the Referral Mastery Series is all about,” says Boswell.  

The first episode of the series teaches advisors how to frame their thinking when it comes to their spheres of influence. Future episodes will touch on generating unsolicited referrals, using LinkedIn for uncovering connections, and how to source names in every conversation. Each episode is accompanied by an educational worksheet.

To listen to the podcast, visit or subscribe via the Apple Podcast or Google Play apps. While listeners can enjoy this content as a podcast, the series will also be promoted on YouTube and Vimeo with a video component. Episodes will be released the last Thursday of each month, every other month.

About WealthVest

WealthVest is a financial services firm specializing in the distribution of high-quality fixed and indexed annuity products from top rated insurance carriers. WealthVest designs, markets, and distributes these essential products throughout the nation and is squarely focused on developing products with the highest consumer value. WealthVest was founded in 2009 by former CEO of American Skandia, Wade Dokken, and former CEO of Hartford Life Limited, Europe, Lincoln Collins. From the beginning, the company has provided financial professionals with exceptional field and phone support, effective sales training materials, thorough coaching, and the highest quality products.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wealthvest

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Wealthvest

About the Oechsli Institute

Founded in 1978, The Oechsli Institute is a leader in financial advisor marketing solutions. Through in-person training, webinars, and performance coaching, they’ve helped thousands of financial advisors bring in more affluent clients, service their clients at higher levels, and get up to speed with digital marketing. The foundation of Oechsli Institute training is the ongoing research they do on affluent investors and elite advisors. Through these parallel studies, the Oechsli Institute is able to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s working in the industry – and what isn’t – when it comes to financial advisor marketing.

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