Video Conferencing Solutions Company, IVCi, Discusses Four Things to Consider When Shopping for a Huddle Room


HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., March 20, 2019 — Huddle spaces promote themselves as being a productive and collaborative alternative to common meeting spaces. The layout and design of these rooms play a large factor in the ability to streamline work and create a productive conference room or meeting space. Video conferencing solutions company, IVCi, shares four things that should be considered when shopping for a huddle room for your corporation.

  1. Conferencing Options. When building out a huddle space, the first thing to consider is the type of conferencing you want to incorporate into that space. Compared to the past when only large corporations were investing in video conferencing, now virtually any size business is taking advantage of these technologies. The level of access you want your huddle room to have will play a role in the type of video conferencing solutions you can implement. For example, the type of video and audio quality requirement, ability to integrate file sharing, the level of collaboration, preference of a meeting-room device or SaaS in order to work with third-part PC’s, are all aspects to consider and questions you should ask yourself when choosing a conferencing option.
  2. Camera Choices. After choosing the type of video conferencing for your huddle space, now it’s time to choose a camera to match. Not only should you consider the type of camera needed to complete the desired tasks in your huddle space, but also the total number of cameras needed. Some other considerations include the image quality, room coverage, level of connectivity, integration, and flexibility and control of the camera itself while holding a conference.
  3. Device Connectivity. Device connectivity refers to the types of devices that employees or huddle room visitors will use to display content while in the space. Some solutions to take into consideration are wired devices, which generally refer to laptops, wireless devices which include tablets, phones, and other mobile devices, or hybrid, which is a combination of both wired and wireless.
  4. Room Décor and Layout. Not only is the technology for the huddle space important, but fostering and designing a business space to meet, gather, and share ideas is also important. For example, choosing to build your space with a glass wall might give the room an open feel, but the sun’s rays and reflections could also affect your presentations and prevent some iniduals from seeing certain images or data points.

Huddle rooms can be extremely beneficial for many corporations when proper technology is chosen and incorporated. Take into consideration these four points when designing your huddle room to ensure that you are creating a collaborative and productive space for all.


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