Victaulic Offers an Off-The-Truck Flexible Solution for Cold Storage Applications

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Additional benefits of utilizing the VicFlex Style AB6 Bracket include:

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  • Easy indication of vertical and frame arm alignment from above
  • No measuring, cutting or multiple trips to the cooler
  • Combats differential movement due to vibration or physical stress on the cooler
  • Eliminates foam or glue curing time and condensation concerns
  • Fits any ceiling or wall thickness while sealing to a variety of surfaces such as corrugated or dimpled
  • Interchangeable escutcheons facilitate same-day retrofit and service work while consolidating the amount of sku’s to order and stock

Tim Voller, Journeyman for Breth-Zensen Fire Protection and a Victaulic customer said, “Victaulic makes our job faster and easier. We used to install two dry cooler heads in an hour, with two guys cutting all of the hard pipe and getting them to line up. Now with the new VicFlex Style AB6 Bracket, we can install 20-25 dry cooler heads in an hour. We can flex all the heads right into their holes so they line up nicely, and we no longer have to deal with the spray foam mess. Installations are super simple, and there are fewer parts to lose.” 

Chris Kvistad, Product Manager – VicFlex of Victaulic said, “The VicFlex Style AB6 Bracket offers our customers an off-the-truck solution for cold storage applications that reduces the risk of condensation impeding the system. Compatible with multiple combinations of Victaulic dry sprinkler styles and flexible hoses, installers can work smarter, not harder.”

Optimized for cold storage applications, the VicFlex Style AB6 Bracket is available with pendent, concealed and horizontal sidewall deflector styles and available pendent interchangeable escutcheons include: recessed, sleeve and skirt, and flush. The maximum working pressure is rated at 175 psi/1375 kPa. The standard maximum working temperature is 150°F/65°C (EPDM/neoprene foam); An optional high maximum working temperature is available and rated at 225°F/107°C (silicone closed-cell foam). To learn more about the six available dry sprinkler models, visit

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