UNH Law Rises to Top 5 for Intellectual Property in 2020 U.S. News & World Report Ranking


CONCORD, N.H., March 12, 2019 — The University of New Hampshire School of Law joins Stanford Law School, UC Berkeley School of Law, and New York University School of Law as members of the exclusive “Top 5” law schools for the study of intellectual property (IP) in the 2020 U.S. News & World Report rankings. UNH Law, which is ranked #5 for IP, has been ranked in the top 10 for IP nationwide every year since U.S. News & World Report began ranking IP programs 28 years ago. UNH Law has been a pioneer in the study of IP law since the law school’s founding as the Franklin Pierce Law Center 46 years ago.

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UNH Law is one of the Top 5 law schools for Intellectual Property

UNH Law’s climb into the Top 5 reflects the school’s excellence blending the study of technological innovation and scientific progress with the study of the law. UNH Law offers its students an unparalleled curriculum in the study of IP law. UNH Law courses are taught by leading scholars and practitioners whose pathbreaking work in IP includes cutting-edge research in patent law, vaccine technologies, privacy, blockchain, and valuation. UNH Law students also receive extraordinary opportunities for externship placements in Fortune 500 companies and global law firms.

“Our school has always been at the forefront of how law can shape technological progress and vice-versa. Our approach to teaching is holistic,” said Dean Megan Carpenter. “Our students learn how theory and practice complement one another and, together, prove invaluable in legal careers. Our outstanding teaching is a key reason why our graduates now work in more than 80 countries and at the highest levels of legal practice, business, and government.”

UNH Law also ranks 87th in the overall 2020 law school rankings by U.S. News & World Report. UNH Law continues to excel as a top 100 law school, with a wide-range of leading centers, such as the Warren B. Rudman Center for Justice, Leadership & Public Service, the Sports and Entertainment Law Institute, the Daniel Webster Scholar Honors Program, and the Health Law and Policy Program. UNH Law also offers brand-new online certificate programs in Sports Wagering & Integrity and Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Law.

UNH Law’s many recent successes include standout job placement and bar passage results. As reflected in the most recently released annual ABA Employment survey, 95 percent of 2017 UNH Law JD graduates were employed within 10 months of graduation. UNH Law ranked No. 1 in New England and No. 5 in the entire U.S. for jobs on the open market.

In addition, 93.3 percent of first-time takers passed the bar exam in 2017, the most recently released set of bar passage statistics from the ABA, with 100 percent of first-time takers passing in New York, California, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Washington, D.C. UNH Law ranked No. 15 in the country for first-time bar passage.

The UNH Law rankings are part of U.S. News & World Report’s current edition of Best Graduate Schools.

About University of New Hampshire School of Law

Accredited by the American Bar Association, UNH Law is located in Concord, New Hampshire, and is ranked as one of the nation’s top 100 law schools and, for the 28th year in a row, a top-10 school for the study of intellectual property law.

For more information about UNH Law, visit https://www.law.unh.edu/.

Mary O’Malley


SOURCE University of New Hampshire School of Law

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