UFO Insight: UFO, Conspiracy & Paranormal Analysis Website Announces Official Launch


LOS ANGELES, March 19, 2019 — UFO Insight – a website dedicated to discussing, analyzing and providing case studies about UFOs, conspiracy theory topics, the possibilities of life outside Earth and supernatural topics has announced its official launch.

While the website has been online since 2012, it has recently had a major overhaul and redesign along with the acquisition of expert authors on the topics covered.

The website has over 500 articles published in long-form. The articles are not quick reads; they go deep into each of the topics discussed and are written by experts in the fields covered. All of the articles published are thought provoking, provide facts and evidence but are not opinionated and leave the reader to make up their own mind.

Popular Cases Covered

Some of the popular cases covered in recent case study articles published on the site include many UFO incidents such as; Roswell, The Mantell Incident and The Rendlesham Forest Incident for example. Also covered are reported abduction cases such as that of Betty and Barney Hill, Travis Walton and John Mack.

Also discussed in-depth are many of the popular conspiracy theories that are increasingly reported on such as that of The Moon Landings and Alien Life on The Moon, The Reptilians Theory, The Jesus Conspiracy and The Tunguska Incident to name a few.

All the articles published on UFO Insight are based on factual accounts, real-life claims, and conspiracy theories from across the ages – many of which are increasingly proving to be true. The reader may make of all the claims in the articles what they will enabling them to keep an open mind, and ultimately arrive at their own conclusions.

“Whether it’s UFOs, aliens, conspiracies, the paranormal, unsolved mysteries, or riddles from antiquity, the world that surrounds all of us is full of intrigue and (very often) unasked questions. Questions that lead to even more complicated questions and very often unlikely, unimagined, and unproven, but not dismissible answers. At UFO Insight, we begin to try and explore these questions that permeate our collective existence and fascinate many of us to the point of questioning just what our “reality”, both historic and contemporary might actually be!” – Marcus Lowth – Editor-in-Chief, UFO Insight

Articles are published several times weekly with a case study article published every Sunday.  Users may also subscribe to the official UFO Insight newsletter via email to receive a weekly digest of the latest articles.

UFO Insight can be found on many of the major social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Medium. 

All of the articles published on the site are also re-published on Apple News and Medium for ease of reading and easy access to the content. All of the articles are also available via RSS where users may subscribe or even syndicate the content.

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