Toronto Quantum Summit to Highlight Looming Cybersecurity Threat, Showcase Breakthrough Quantum and Autonomous Security Technologies

Keynote and additional speakers include:

  • Gen. Harry Raduege, USAF, (Ret), who served as the first DOD Commander of the Joint Task Force for Global Network Operations as well as CIO of the North American Aerospace Command, U.S. Space Command, Air Force Space Command, and U.S. Central Command.
  • Dr. Robert Sutor, Vice President IBM Q Strategy and Ecosystem, IBM Research, responsible for rapidly extending the footprint of IBM Q as the industry-leading quantum computing hardware/software platform.
  • Dr. Davide Venturelli, founding team member, NASA Intelligent Systems Division’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (QuAIL).
  • Dr. Ron Marquardt, Vice President of Technology at Sprint responsible for Sprint’s long-term technology strategy as well as the company’s advocacy in US and global industry forums and standards bodies.
  • Christian Weedbrook, Founder and CEO of Xanadu, responsible leading efforts to provide quantum on demand using quantum processor chips powered by laser light.
  • Professor Shohini Ghose, theoretical physicist at Wilfrid Laurier University studying how the laws of quantum physics can transform computation and communications.
  • Dr. Atefeh Mashatan, Director, Cybersecurity Research Lab, Ryerson University.
  • Jay Fallah, Chief Technology Officer, NXM Labs.

“This may be the first industry event of its kind where quantum-proofing is discussed alongside blockchain, 5G and autonomous security systems,” said Jay Fallah, CTO, NXM Labs.  “This gathering will not only be thought provoking but will also showcase some of the most novel and promising new approaches to confronting the challenge of rapidly evolving security threats.”

Tackling the Quantum Cybersecurity Threat

The first day of the event will examine the implications of quantum computing on existing national security and IT infrastructures. These sessions will examine the latest technology trends, including quantum machine learning and AI, as well as measures that can be taken now to safeguard and future-proof existing infrastructure. The day will end with a roundtable of industry and academic thought leaders discussing Y2Q (Years-to-Quantum) and preparing for a post-quantum world.

Autonomous Security and Next Generation Networks

The second day will focus on the security challenges of current and future 5G networks, highlighting breakthrough Autonomous Security (AS) systems that enable connected devices to manage their own security without human intervention. These talks will focus on deploying scalable, trustworthy networks of intelligent, self-governing edge devices that ensure the integrity of machine data and the protection of personal, private, confidential information.

Quantum Summit, sponsored by NXM’s Center for Autonomous Security and Data Integrity (CASDI), will be attended by cybersecurity experts, researchers, business and IT executives, investors, media and industry analysts. For more information visit

About NXM Labs

NXM Labs develops advanced security and data integrity software that leverages data from connected devices to provide business intelligence and insights. NXM is engaged in ongoing research efforts with global leaders in communications, semiconductors, automotive, enterprise software and other sectors. NXM Labs is a member of the Linux Foundation and MOBI Alliance. The Company is headquartered in San Francisco with R&D facilities in Toronto. For more information visit


CASDI is NXM’s corporate laboratory focused on research initiatives and industry collaborations to enable new ways of creating secure, trusted devices and systems. It aims to lead collaborative research efforts involving a diverse group of experts from a wide range of industry sectors, academic disciplines and government agencies to advance visionary solutions to real-world threats.

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