The Trusted IoT Alliance Announces Competitors for its Smart E-Mobility Challenge

“We are thrilled with the level of interest the TIoTA challenges have sparked in the blockchain and IoT market spaces,” said Alexy Khrabrov, Chief Community Officer of the Alliance.  “We received submissions from progressive technology organizations around the world, and each entrant will develop an overall reference architecture for their specific concept. Our goal with the challenge is to help the participants create solutions that they can then bring to market.”

MachNation, a global independent IoT research and benchmarking firm is co-producing the Challenge. TIoTA conceived the E-Mobility Challenge to spur the development and commercialization of the emerging marketplace for e-mobility. The competition will leverage the ecosystem of services that already exists for electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe. The primary vehicle selected for the challenge is a Jaguar I-PACE, provided by Bosch.

The highlight of the Challenge is the PACE Tour, in which the Jaguar is available in select European cities for competitors to access, work on their solutions and conduct hackathons.  The PACE Tour kicked off at the T-Labs and T-Systems Blockchain Mobility Hackathon in February.  Upcoming PACE Tour dates include:

  • April 10-11 in Stuttgart;
  • April 24-25 in Zurich;
  • May 7-8 in Munich;
  • May 14-16 at Bosch Connected World in Berlin.

The winning entry will provide the most innovative solution that exemplifies progressive automation and connectivity features by enabling the Jaguar to discover charging stations, pay for electricity, discover additional services, and so on. The judges will determine which entries accomplish the following specific goals of the Challenge – a) interoperability, b) ease of use, and c) the ability to pay for electricity on the single invoice.

About MachNation
MachNation is the only firm exclusively dedicated to testing and researching Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, middleware, and services. MachNation owns and runs MachNation IoT Test Environment (MIT-E), the industry’s only independent, hands-on, benchmarking lab for IoT platforms. MachNation specializes in understanding and predicting IoT technologies including their impact on digitization, hardware, communication services, applications and support tools. MachNation participates in many of the world’s most exclusive IoT events and contributes regularly to leading IoT and business press.  For more information, please visit

About TIoTA
TIoTA is a result of the collaboration amongst passionate technologists working to leverage blockchain infrastructure to secure and scale IoT ecosystems. TIoTA seeks to enable trust in the data produced by such IoT systems in a distributed ledger/blockchain agnostic fashion, thereby enabling a decentralized trust model for interoperable digitized identities of physical goods, documents, immobilized assets, sensors, and machines.  Visit and search #tiotachallenges and #tiotamobility to learn more.

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