The new book by May De La Vega, “The Context Of My Life and My Conviction”, is a work of struggle and truths, sharing the experiences of the author in present-day Venezuela

The author brings us her history and her experiences in a controversial country, as she herself explains below: “What is recounted in this book are events that have taken place from my experiences and experiences of nomadic life, my observation of political cases in Venezuela and the Comparison with other countries, my opinions on corruption and how it has spread throughout the world, considering that this scourge is linked to drug trafficking and terrorism. The lack of scruples of the rulers and their domes have been growing in an excessive way, and I compare it with the mythical hydra, we cut a head and a hundred are born. We must unite our forces and principles to fight and put an end to this scourge that is destroying our youth. We must wake up.”

Published by New York city based Page Publishing, the work of May De La Vega, “The Context Of My Life and My Conviction”, brings readers a compendium of experiences and opinions on the situation of a country with a controversial reality, an interesting story from the point of view of journalistic and investigative analysis.

For readers who wish experience this wonderful work, can purchase “The Context Of My Life and My Conviction”, in any book store, or in online stores from Apple iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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