The Media Line Launches Dynamic State-of-the-Art Multi-Media News Site Bringing ‘Trusted Mideast News’ to the World

JERUSALEM, April 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Media Line, the acclaimed American news agency covering the Middle East, is launching a new, dynamic website featuring improved functionality, enhanced personalization, and enriched content areas – to bring trusted news to the world and enable the public to engage in fact-based conversations which drives change for the good.

The Media Line is one of the first American non-profit news agencies created to address the need for complete, contextual and nuanced reporting from the Middle East. Its seasoned journalists cover daily events in the region, from the streets of Ramallah, Sana’a, Jerusalem, Islamabad and other cities of the Middle East, giving voice to all narratives. Known for its commitment to complete reporting that is sourced and in-context, the TML’s revamped website features a clear separation between traditional journalism and its popular voices from the streets.

The Media Line’s new platform includes several new and renowned sections, including:

  • Mideast Daily News, created by TML co-founder Michael Friedson, will remain a free service of The Media Line and will continue to be the “go-to” place for terse, truthful, and timely reporting. Read by leaders of government, media and private sectors.
  • Mideast Streets, a platform for individuals, organizations, businesses, and NGOs to share all things happening throughout the Middle East in multi-media format from photos to videos, events to happenings, protests to innovations and a cross-section of the region’s most cogent blogs. 
  • The new Media Line is compartmentalized, organizing stories by country and special sections dedicated to women, human rights and lifestyle.
  • Mideast Mindsets aggregates news from across the Arab and Israeli media, offering further insight in their own words and thoughts.

We believe journalism is vital and must be held to its original purpose,” said Felice Friedson, president and CEO of The Media Line News Agency. “Our organization is seeing huge growth and we created the reworked platform to offer a further personalized online experience, bringing critical, contextual news stories that reach the highest standards of journalism.”

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SOURCE The Media Line