The Final Tour of the International Cross-cultural Digital Project Follow Up Siberia Took Place in Krasnoyask During the Winter Universiade 2019


  • Miloš Petrovic, Serbia (1 round),
  • Raymond, Canada (1 round),
  • Vasu Devan, India (3rd round),
  • Nala Rinaldo, Indonesia (3 round),
  • Nanoob Napian, Thailand (3 round),
  • Stefanos Addimando, Greece (4 round),
  • Stefano Ferro, Australia (4 round),
  • Jörg Nicht, Germany (4 round).

The Winners of the project attended the Opening Ceremony, sportive competitions of the Universiade, visited popular nature and city sights of Krasnoyarsk.

Every day the bloggers gave master-classes at the Nornickel pavilion. Stefanos Addimando told the audience how to upgrade an Instagram blog, Vasu Devan told about voluntourism movement. The most rememberable presentation was the one of the three photographers – Stefano Ferro, Jörg Nicht and Nala Rinaldo, who revealed key secrets to creation of creative pictures.

The Follow Up Siberia program was initiated in April 2018 by the Nornickel company, the general partner of the Winter Universiade 2019. The aim of the project is to promote Siberia and the Universiade on a worldwide basis. The Follow Up Siberia program is arranged to support the main idea of the Games, which is dedicated to friendship and cooperation between young people from different countries and to open Siberia to the world – modern, sportive and hospitable.

The Follow Up Siberia project is based on the “Part of Siberia in My City” online contest. Any inhabitant of the planet could try to find common features between his city (country) and Siberia and post a photo or video on this topic on the Internet with the hashtag #followupsiberia.

The authors of the best pictures visited Norilsk, Dudinka, Krasnoyarsk, Chita and Belokurikha – the famous resort of Altai. The best of them came to Krasnoyarsk during the Universiade. The interactive map of “Parts of Siberia” from all around the world everybody can see on the official site of the project, while the journeys of foreign guests in Siberia are posted in social media accounts of the project.

Since the launch of the project the residents of 53 countries have joined the program. 31 photographers and travel-bloggers from 19 countries visited Siberia during 5 tours. Their total audience consists of 3.5 million people.

The Follow Up Siberia project has already become the prize winner of the Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards 2018, the largest communications award in Eastern Europe, in the Best Digital and SMM Project category.

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