The Craft Of Faith Launches New Direct To Consumer Craft Box

LOS ANGELES, March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —  PTM Images, a leading manufacturer of home décor and furnishings, known for its commitment to community, announces its latest endeavor, The Craft of Faith, a religious subscription craft box for children ages 5-10. The Craft of Faith is a direct to consumer subscription box that embraces Bible themes with the intent to encourage valuable bonding and educational time for Christian families. The unique combination of learning about the Bible through art helps to engage young children’s hearts and minds and provides families a creative way to spend time together.

“Crafting is the perfect activity to engage with young children because it increases interaction between young children and adults, provides an activity away from screens and enhances quality time with important religious content,” says The Craft of Faith CEO, Jonathan Bass. “It’s hard to find ways to pass on your faith nowadays, with parents often working or busy. The Craft of Faith offers an easy, fun solution for young children to spend time with an adult and connect with Jesus and learn biblical themed stories that shape their Christianity.”

The standard Craft of Faith box comes with four unique Bible crafts, each based on scripture. Every box has one craft for the Old Testament, another for the New Testament, and one each for Proverbs and Psalms. It also includes illustrations and instructions, as well as brief lessons for parents. The Craft of Faith offers boxes for one, two, three or four children, starting at the price of only $19.95. In addition, there will be special Easter and Christmas boxes to celebrate special important religious holidays.

“In a world where we outsource our kids’ education to school and digital devices, we desperately need tools to help parents engage their kids and impart their faith. As parents, my wife and I strive to find creative ways at home to teach our kids about Jesus, now with the Craft of Faith we now have a creative way at home to engage our kids in God’s truth,” said Travis Patzkowsky, Children’s Pastor, NorthPointe Community Church, Fresno, California. “Biblical illiteracy is a challenging issue we are facing in Christian homes across America. The Craft of Faith is an effective tool to help kids learn God’s word and understand his truths. Looking into the eyes of our kids in church I see the future. With tools like the Craft of Faith in the hands of parents, they are helping their kids with God’s Word and raising them to know Christ, and thus the future is bright.”

The Craft of Faith is a bible themed art box for kids, but it’s also so much more. It’s a family activity during which your family can sit down together, make bible crafts, and even have some Sunday school-style bible lessons at your own time and pace. As an interaction tool, The Craft of Faith offers an opportunity to have more meaningful family time away from video games and excessive screen time. With carefully curated boxes, The Craft of Faith does the heavy lifting of producing the crafts, illustrating biblical scripture and preparing exciting, fun, future keepsakes. The subscription content begins at Genesis and continues all the way through with special events such as Easter and Christmas having dedicated themed boxes.

“The real value of The Craft of Faith is not in the materials or convenience, but the way to provide Christian faith based education to young children in a way that’s is simple to do with an adult. The Craft of Faith is made of all recycled products, offered at a low price, making this activity accessible for everyone,” Bass added. “Whether you are an aunt, uncle, grandparent, or parent, the time dedicated to applying lessons of God is undeniably rewarding.”

The Craft of Faith boxes are proudly made from recycled products and include fiberboard, thick cardstock, frames and embellishments of the highest quality. With four crafts per child per month at $19.95, The Craft of Faith is considerably less expensive than a crafting kit purchased from a national retailer, with shipping fast with easy with FedEx second day mailing.

About The Craft of Faith
Mentor, inspire and bond your faith and family with bible themed crafts and faith building lessons with Craft of Faith. Craft of Faith is a direct to consumer faith based subscription box of crafts for children ages 5-10. Each Craft of Faith craft box is based on Bible verses, and is created with the intent to encourage valuable bonding and educational time for Christian families. For more information please go to:

About PTM Images
PTM Images, the holding company for The Craft of Faith, is a leading manufacturer of home décor and furnishings. In addition to a state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility in San Luis, Mexico and a distribution center in Arizona, PTM has corporate offices and a showroom in the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California – the hub of trending art and design. PTM Images distributes to a wide spectrum of retailers worldwide, from mass to specialty, as well as a broad array of online partners. We also oversee a multitude of commercial and hospitality accounts from boutique hotels to luxury resorts, globally. Our mission is to successfully meet the needs of each price point tier, while effectively creating the most decoratively aesthetic art for our consumer base. PTM is the only vertically-integrated home décor manufacturer in North America. We invest heavily in modern equipment and business support, each of which function to ensure timely delivery of customer orders. For more information please go to

About NorthPointe Church 
NorthPointe Church, located in Fresno, California is a church where people from all walks of life come as they are to experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. NorthPointe’s mission is “Creating a positive faith environment where non-churchgoers are encouraged to become fully-developing followers of Jesus Christ at every stage of life.”

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