The Angiogenesis Foundation Announces Release of Groundbreaking Book EAT TO BEAT DISEASE by its CEO Dr. William W. Li

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“After many years of helping to develop new medical treatments for fighting disease, I wrote EAT TO BEAT DISEASE to shed light on what we know, based on science, about how food can benefit our health,” said Li. “As a physician and scientist I’ve seen the power of new medicines first hand, but food is even more powerful because it can help prevent disease in the first place.”

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EAT TO BEAT DISEASE gives readers a fascinating view of the body’s health defense systems, which span angiogenesis, regeneration, microbiome, DNA protection, and immunity. Each system helps the body resist disease, and they can be activated by foods, according to Li. In the book, Li identifies more than 200 foods that improve health defense functions, and the information is richly supported by more than 600 peer-reviewed scientific references from researchers around the world. EAT TO BEAT DISEASE describes the evidence behind how food can help combat cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, dementia, autoimmune conditions, and even cancer.

“What’s exciting about the research is we are discovering how food can influence the same cellular systems as drugs, bringing a new meaning to the concept of Food as Medicine,” says Li. “This is an idea whose time has come, one that is absolutely essential to the future of our health and our health care systems.”

For more than a decade, the Angiogenesis Foundation has been building on its mission to conquer disease through angiogenesis, by expanding its focus to include dietary prevention and intervention. The Foundation has presented its discoveries before the National Institutes of Health, at the annual meeting of the American Society for Nutrition, and at the Vatican’s Cellular Horizons and Unite to Cure conferences.

EAT TO BEAT DISEASE is available wherever books are sold. To learn more about the Angiogenesis Foundation, please visit

Established in 1994, the Angiogenesis Foundation’s mission is to improve global health by advancing angiogenesis-based medicine, diet, and lifestyle. For more information, visit

SOURCE The Angiogenesis Foundation

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