Ternio and Distributed Ledger Inc. Form Joint Venture to Deploy Enterprise Scale Blockchain Solutions Across Media, Banking and Telecom


ATLANTA, March 11, 2019 — Ternio, the leader in scalable blockchain architecture for enterprise companies, and Distributed Ledger Inc. today announced the formation of DLT Ventures LLC – a Wyoming-based joint venture between the two organizations. Distributed Ledger Inc. is part of the JMF Solutions and Wavefly family of companies and an Inc. 5000 member. The newly formed joint venture will benefit from the development and resource infrastructure of Distributed Ledger as well as the scalable framework and domain expertise of Ternio.

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DLT Ventures is designing, building and deploying scalable blockchain applications for a collection of international-based organizations exceeding $50 billion in annual revenue. The blockchain applications will solve common pain points for companies such as supply chain transparency, instant payment remittance and secure data storage. Applications for companies in the media, banking and telecom industries are being designed and built by DLT Ventures.

In recent months, blockchain has been the focus for many organizations yet the nascent technology has a steep learning curve and its value is not always immediately apparent. DLT Ventures provides the experience and resources enterprise and government institutions require to deploy blockchain in real-world scenarios. This translates to better efficiency and cost savings that can be quantified.

“We spent a lot of time with Distributed Ledger meeting and exploring the collection of ways we could work together,” said Daniel Gouldman, CEO of Ternio. “It quickly became apparent that the synergies we shared with Mike and his team at Distributed Ledger, JMF Solutions and Wavefly were tremendous.”

“Having seen Ternio’s technology firsthand it was clear they were the ideal partner for this venture,” said Mike Francis, CEO of Distributed Ledger. “Combining Ternio’s scalable framework with Distributed Ledger’s front- and back-end resources will lead to better trust, data accuracy, transaction times, scalability and security for our clients.”

DLT Ventures:

DLT Ventures is a joint venture between Ternio LLC and Distributed Ledger Inc. DLT Ventures provides software, infrastructure and consulting services to a consortium of domestic and international organizations looking to deploy scalable blockchain applications in real-world environments.


Ternio’s mission is to accelerate the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency into everyday life. Ternio created Lexicon, a high-speed blockchain framework for enterprise and government clients, capable of exceeding one million transactions per second, all on chain. Lexicon (B2B) demonstrates how blockchain can make enterprise – better, faster, more efficient. Learn more about Ternio by visiting https://ternio.io/ and subscribing on YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/terniotoken.

Distributed Ledger Inc.:

Distributed Ledger Inc. (DLI) was founded to utilize blockchain technologies and its many applications to solve global problems that traditional institutions are incapable of addressing. Their purpose is to solve networking and database problems associated with trust, cost, data accuracy, transaction times, scalability and security. They design and build enterprise blockchain infrastructure, create distributed applications and invest in cryptocurrencies and technologies which exhibit real purpose and potential. Learn more about Distributed Ledger Inc. by visiting https://www.distributedledgerinc.com.

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