TA-DA! LP Creates Solution to Teach Tots Languages Without Screens Via Innovative ‘Paper Electronic’ Technology

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — First-of-its-kind books using “paper electronic” technology to teach children to speak new languages with sound, but without screens, is poised to change the landscape of linguistic learning. 

“We are bringing technology back to paper books,” said Michelle Glorieux, the CEO and Founder of TA-DA! Language Productions. Glorieux was looking for a way for young children to learn other languages, “even if their parents didn’t speak them” – but was mindful of recent guidelines by the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding limiting screen time.

As a language teacher with a trilingual child, Glorieux couldn’t find appropriate resources to teach young children languages, so she developed them herself. She assembled a team, including four-time Grammy-winning music producer and sound engineer Jesse Lewis, linguists, artists, and a dozen volunteer interns to work on the project.

The result is beautifully bound, interactive books, embedded with printed technology innovation. Simply touching the images on normal paper with a finger makes them come to life with real native speakers, ambient sounds and (in the “Language Adventures” series) original, toe-tapping tunes. There are no CDs and no downloads required. Everything is seamlessly integrated into a real book.

“It’s the next best thing to sitting on the lap of a native speaker you love,” said Glorieux.

TA-DA! is issuing two sound book series: “Language Adventures”, designed to transport little tikes on language adventures in magical worlds, learning 12 new words per title. The ecologically responsible board books are currently available in American English, Spanish, French, German and Mandarin Chinese. The second series, “Children’s Illustrated Talking Dictionary”, showcases nearly a thousand words and Seek and Find games.

TA-DA! Language Productions will launch their first “Language Adventures” book, “A Funny Day at the Zoo,” with a language learning party, partnering with the San Francisco Zoo. Children will delight in a day of free activities that promote language learning – and a star-studded line-up with Jesse Lewis and Kip Jones, who will perform favorite TA-DA! tunes like “Zebra, Zebra”. The zoo will be decorated with kid-sized versions of the TA-DA! zoo animal gang, that with a kid’s touch, will magically come to life.

Editors: For more information, contact Michelle Glorieux at mglorieux@tadalp.com or (650) 209-0089.

SOURCE TA-DA! Language Productions, Inc.

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