SWDInvest.com Launches First Acquisition & Syndication Platform Focused on the Growing Oilfield Water Management Sector


DALLAS, March 14, 2019 — SWDInvest.com, the energy industry’s first acquisition and syndication platform specifically focused on the growing oilfield water management sector, announces upcoming launch.

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates more than 40k new oil and gas wells will be drilled and completed in the Permian basin over the next five (5) years. “This level of activity will create a massive wave of waste water that will need to be either treated for reuse or sent to nearby saltwater disposal wells. These are exciting times for participants in the oilfield water sector,” says CEO and founder Kurt Knewitz. “Every day, the Permian basin produces 3.6 million barrels of oil, but what’s even more impressive is these same wells will produce up to ten times (10X) that amount of water.” According to IHS Markit™, as much as twenty-five million (25MM) barrels of waste water are generated from drilling, completion and production operations. This is enough water to fill the Empire State Building 3.75 times and is projected to double by 2023.

“We’re creating a platform to provide investors with opportunities to directly participate in the fast-growing oilfield water management sector. Inidual investors do not have access to highly profitable cash flowing properties within the water space. These types of assets are traditionally controlled by large institutional investors, so we are going to level the playing field. We see a significant opportunity for investors to capitalize on the future growth of our industry. Thanks to BuySWD.com, we have the unique ability to “cherry-pick” the best performing properties for our partners and leverage our industry relationships to drive up volume and property values. Oil and gas wells decline over time but water production increases so why not take advantage of that?” says COO and co-founder John Kelly.

About SWDInvest.com

SWDInvest.com is an acquisition and syndication platform for investors to participate in the fast-growing oilfield water management sector. For more information on SWDInvest.com, please visit SWDInvest.com.

About BuySWD.com

BuySWD.com, the Zillow™ of the saltwater disposal industry, is the largest online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of saltwater disposal wells. The company manages an inventory of 220+ properties valued at $750MM and growing. For more information on BuySWD.com please visit BuySWD.com.

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