Swanky Smiles Launches In-House Orthodontic Program Nationally To 150,000+ Dentists, With No Required Investment, Hiring, Or Minimums.

SPRINGDALE, Ark., March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Swanky Smiles, a mobile concierge Orthodontic company serving 3,000+ patients, of all ages, in 110 markets, is launching its second disruptive offering in the last 18 months, with an industry first, nationwide, in-house orthodontic program, available to 150,000+ Dentists at www.swankyinhouseortho.com.

Swanky Smiles’ world class Orthodontists have built the first full-service, concierge, mobile Orthodontic practice – conducting private appointments at patients’ homes or offices in state-of-the-art mobile Orthodontic clinics.

Now at www.swankyinhouseortho.com Swanky Smiles is partnering with local Dentists to provide profitable in-house Orthodontics, delivering incredible quality and continuity of care. “It’s always been frowned upon, by Orthodontists, for general Dentists to participate in Orthodontics,” says Dr. Barry Bluth of Davie Dental. “Swanky Smiles is changing that, by allowing us to offer full-service Orthodontics in a way that a typical ‘sticks and bricks’ practice could never deliver.”

In Swanky’s new program a Dentist assists patients’ Orthodontic journey by taking the initial records at the beginning and hand delivering retainers at the end of treatment.  Swanky Smiles does everything else, providing top-notch Orthodontic care to patients without any further burden on the Dentist or their team.

“This program gives me the confidence to convert more cases because I know Swanky Smiles’ team is taking great care of my patients, which means I’m now more likely to turn patients on to treatment instead of sending them off somewhere else,” says Dr. Michael Gertsen of FL Dental Spa.

Swanky does all the diagnostics, treatment planning, aligner design, delivery, attachments, buttons, IPR, enameloplasty, refinements, customer service, scheduling, billing, and affordable $99/mo financing. “This is the best-leveraged use of chair time out there,” comments Dr. Ty Eriks of Smiles On Cypress Point. “Letting Swanky take on the heavy lifting is an easy choice for me.”

Check your market in just seconds at www.swankyinhouseortho.com, for Swanky Smiles’ In-House Orthodontic availability.

About Swanky Smiles
Swanky Smiles is taking patients out of the traditional orthodontic office and into an efficient healthcare experience where their needs, convenience, and treatment are the top priority. Patients can elect to either receive concierge one-on-one service in state-of the-art mobile clinics, or remotely supervised treatment, which leverages the latest technology to greatly enhance the experiences and outcomes achievable through teledentistry. With either option, Swanky patients enjoy the benefit of our seven days a week, 12 hours a day availability. Plus, Swanky Smiles gives patients straight teeth in half the time and half the appointments for less than most traditional Orthodontists, while only using clear, removable aligners that are designed by some of the top-producing, aligner-focused Orthodontists in the country.  For more information visit https://swankysmiles.com/. For more information on In-House Orthodontics visit  www.swankyinhouseortho.com.

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Caitlin Vieth

SOURCE Swanky Smiles

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