StreamingVideoProvider launches Screenrec – Free Screen Recording & Sharing In A Click


StreamingVideoProvider’s CEO, Deyan Shkodrov, realized that recording the computer screen and sharing the recording was a very effective way for everyone on the team to share thoughts and ideas. So the team tried dozens of screen recorders in order to find the right one. They always faced the same issue: the need to wait for the recording to upload.

They wanted a screen recorder that allowed them to simply capture the computer screen and share the recording instantly.

“We needed simple and easy screen capture software but it didn’t exist. So, we decided to build Screenrec, an insanely easy to use screen recorder. You can record your screen in a click, paste the link and be done with it! Each screenshot and screen recording is uploaded to our cloud video hosting platform in real time. You get a private sharing link as soon as you click Stop,” says Deyan Shkodrov, CEO of StreamingVideoProvider.

Screenrec’s interface is indeed straightforward. The user can capture a screen recording or a screenshot with the click of a button or by pressing a hotkey combination.

Underneath the surface, however, Screenrec has a number of advanced capabilities because it runs on top of the StreamingVideoProvider video platform. Among other things, users get 2GB of cloud video storage for free and the ability to record videos straight to the cloud.

The cloud recording technology is at the heart of Screenrec and it is what enables instant sharing. The trick is that the video is uploaded to the cloud, one piece at a time, while the user is recording. That is why, when the screen recording is stopped, the user can get a sharing link immediately.

All screen recordings and screenshots made with Screenrec are stored in the StreamingVideoProvider cloud. There they are protected with the latest security measures, e.g. each file is encrypted and cannot be downloaded without the permission of its owner.

“We can proudly say that this is the only private screen recorder because it’s powered by StreamingVideoProvider. When using Screenrec, you take advantage of all of StreamingVideoProvider’s enterprise-level security features. You can share your screenshots and screen recordings with a single person or with the entire world if you choose. You are in control,” says Mr. Shkodrov.

You can learn more about Screenrec and download it for free here:

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