Skyhunter Outfitters Offers Hunters An Unmatched Helicopter Hog Hunting Trip Experience

DALLAS, April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Skyhunter Outfitters LLC, the premiere Helicopter Hog Hunting Outfitter in Texas, now enables enthusiastic hunters to experience an unparalleled helicopter hog hunting trip in Texas. They specialize in creating customized hog hunting tours which capture the imagination of many hunters in America. The powerful high tech flying machines are capable of getting the hunters to the hard to reach spots where feral hogs roam to provide an opportunity for the perfect hunt. They have flown experienced as well as new hunters and provide an instructional class to up-skill them on aerial gunnery techniques.

The Skyhunter Outfitters operate their Feral Pigs hunting expeditions under the Wildlife and Land Management Program authorized by Texas Parks and Wildlife. This is conducted to control the population of feral or wild pigs which are a destructive and invasive species wreaking havoc on the land. The population control of feral hogs is required since they have a high reproduction and maturity rate which can rapidly increase their population in an area. Helicopter Hog Hunting is a very effective method of controlling the Wild Pig population in an area and a much required service to the landowners and farmers.

For the hunters, the Helicopter Pig Hunting experience is the ultimate game hunting adventure which is safe, fun, challenging and memorable. The Hog Hunting expeditions at Skyhunter Outfitters have a high success rate because of the expertise of the team in aerial maneuvering, hunting and tracking, and maintaining great relationships with landowners and farmers. The hunters are offered an all inclusive package with no hidden charges or fees which includes the airtime, pilot, helicopter, fuel, guns, ammo and training class. The hunters can therefore just focus on enjoying the hunt and leaving everything in the capable hands of Skyhunter Outfitters experienced staff.

The team at Skyhunter Outfitters is led by the owner, Chris Hitt, who is a tenured US Army Cavalry Scout pilot with specialized training in aerial scouting and aerial gunnery technique. He grew up with experience in hunting and wildlife management being mentored by his father, Mike Hitt who is also part of the team. Mike Hitt has experience in sales and logistics with Coca Cola and has been an avid hunter and farm owner. They are joined by Terry “TJ” Fite, a US Army veteran and an expert ground and night thermal hunt guide.

For more information about helicopter hog hunting please visit or call 903 707 1501.

SOURCE Skyhunter Outfitters LLC

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