Skyhunter Outfitters LLC Extends its 2019 Winter Season Hunt


DALLAS, March 12, 2019 — Skyhunter Outfitters LLC, the premiere helicopter hog hunting outfitters in Texas, are extending their 2019 winter hunting season. This winter hunting season starting on January 7th 2019, is now being extended to May 2019. Hunters, who want to go for a helicopter hog hunt for later dates can now go book their hunt today.

Skyhunter Outfitters LLC ensures the hunters a safe helicopter hog hunting experience. They claim safety as their number one priority. Along with safety, they try their best to make it a fun experience. As the flyers arrive, they provide a helicopter safety course to each group which is followed by an aerial gunnery techniques course.

Their pilot, who has been an OH-58D Kiowa Warrior pilot and Squadron Mountain Master Gunner trainer, is well-trained and has experience in safety and aerial gunnery. The course covers a lot and takes an hour and 30 minutes for the helicopter hog hunters. Skyhunter Outfitters LLC ensures that each group has understood the course properly.

The hunting experience offered by Skyhunter Outfitters LLC is one of a kind. It is an ideal choice for iniduals, families and even for a corporate getaway. Their helicopter hog hunting packages are all inclusive and there are no hidden charges. If hog hunters stay at the lodge, they are served with dinner over which helicopter safety and aerial gunnery techniques are discussed and also what they should be expecting the next day. In the morning, they are served breakfast, after which they go through a rehearsal. Once all the members are confident about the techniques of hog hunting, the two hour hog hunting experience commences.

Apart from being a thrilling hog hunting experience, it is also sanctioned by Wildlife and Land Management, a program approved and governed by Texas Parks and Wildlife. Skyhunter Outfitters helps the farmers across the state of Texas through this program. The other services offered by Sky-Hunters include wild and exotic game counts, exotic game capture (netting), land protection, and cattle herding.

Skyhunter Outfitters LLC is owned by former US Army Cavalry Scout pilot Chris Hitt. Local to the area and being experienced in the field of aerial gunnery and scouting, he makes certain that everything is handled carefully so that no unpleasant incidents occur.

For more information about helicopter hog hunting please visit or call 903 707 1501

SOURCE Skyhunter Outfitters LLC

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