Skincare Exposed: James Corden Raids Chloe Moretz’s Bathroom In SK-II’s New “Bare Skin Chat”

The Bare Skin Chat follows James Corden as he turns up in the bathroom of an unsuspecting Chloe Grace Moretz to uncover her most coveted beauty secrets. Chloe, who previously took up the challenge to front SK-II’s #BareSkinProject campaign bare-skinned, plays skincare coach extraordinaire to James.

Revealing what really happens behind closed (bathroom) doors, the Bare Skin Chat series show the celebrities get up to crazy antics. Tap dancing, taking facial bubble baths and even making an ASMR video, James goes to lengths to try out Chloe’s beauty secret, SK-II’s iconic bestseller “Pitera™ Essence” –also known as “Miracle Water” in Asia, for the first time.  In a hilarious twist, James later on surprisingly becomes the unexpected beauty influencer you never knew you needed.

With skincare increasingly garnering interest in the US, Bare Skin Chat aims to demystify skincare with this unique series that will launch globally on SK-II’s Youtube channels [] on March 21, 2019 with new episodes dropped every week. The web series also features Naomi Watanabe, a popular Japanese comedian also known as “The Japanese Beyonce” as well as Kasumi Arimura, award-winning Japanese actress.

“I laughed so much on the Bare Skin Chat set and I feel the audience is going to have a ball with this.  Sometimes you want to take skincare less seriously, it shouldn’t be so complicated you know. Pitera Essence has been a skincare life-changer for me.” – Chloe Grace Moretz

“It was only a matter of time before I partnered with a skincare range. I’m now lathering my face in SK-II morning, noon and night!” – James Corden

“At SK-II, we like to say – if it ain’t broken, break it. Over the years, beauty content has some become formulaic—glamorous ads, tutorials, how-to videos. Consumers these days don’t like being pushed product or sold to. We have to behave less like a brand that is trying to sell but a brand that creates a human connection with consumers. With our iconic Pitera™ Essence, we’re constantly reimagining what’s possible from a content standpoint to create this real connection and engagement. This time we are launching a beauty entertainment series and we’re thrilled to be able to partner with the best comedians in the industry to do this –James and Naomi. We’re excited for everyone to start binge-watching this.” – Sandeep Seth, Vice President, Global SK-II  

About SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Unchanged for over 38 years, Facial Treatment Essence is SK-II’s iconic bestseller. Often referred to as “miracle water”, this moisturizing essence is made up of more than 90% PITERA™ – a bio-ingredient containing vitamins, amino acids and minerals. With over 50 micro-nutrients, the signature ingredient PITERA™ helps condition skin to retain its natural functions*, softening and smoothing skin, minimizing the appearance of pores and wrinkles, evening out skin tone, and enhancing radiance.

*Functions of healthy skin under normal conditions

About SK-II

For more than 38 years, SK-II has touched the lives of millions of women around the world by helping them to #changedestiny through the miracle of crystal clear skin. The fascinating story behind SK-II began at a sake brewery in Japan, where scientists noticed the elderly workers had wrinkled faces, but extraordinarily soft and youthful-looking hands. A rigorous search of over 350 kinds of yeast was conducted before our researchers discovered the unique yeast strain from which PITERATM is naturally derived.  PITERA™, exclusive to SK-II, is the cornerstone of the brand and transforms the five dimensions of texture, radiance, firmness, spot control and wrinkle resilience that lead to crystal clear skin.  A leading skin care brand in Asia for years, SK-II is now becoming a beauty must-have in the United States with its best-selling and award-winning Facial Treatment Essence, Facial Treatment Mask and GenOptics Aura Essence serum.

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