Shegerian & Associates: Former JLL Employee Alleges Securities Fraud and Sexual Harassment in New Lawsuit

NEW YORK, and LOS ANGELES, April 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A former JLL employee in Los Angeles has filed a civil suit on March 7 claiming she was forced to violate securities law as a condition for continued employment and was subject to sexual harassment by company clients that went ignored by the company.

Amanda Ly worked at JLL from September to December of 2018 as a distribution banker in the North American Global Funds Advisory Business. She alleges that her former supervisor, Jerry Cain, required her to solicit investments on behalf of JLL clients, even though she didn’t have the requisite securities license. She claims that Cain told her that she was to pitch investors and raise money on behalf of Slate Asset Management for a real estate fund focused on acquisition, and that he was under “immense pressure to raise funds for Slate.”

According to Ly, Cain made Ly attend a business trip to New York to meet with two male clients. She claims he fabricated that Ly would be raising money on their behalf, withholding that she did not have the necessary license. She also says that Cain eventually left her to take the clients for drinks, where, according to the suit, “it became clear that these important clients did not perceive Amanda as a professional. Instead, they peppered Amanda with shockingly inappropriate questions about her sex life. … Amanda tried to deflect these incredibly humiliating and embarrassing inquiries so as not to offend these ‘important clients.'”

Ly raised her concerns about Cain to his supervisor, Matilde Attolico who advised Ly to simply “work around” Cain. Attolico allegedly defended Cain due to his history of fundraising. In December, Ly then went to JLL HR official Emma Mon, who, according to Ly, dismissed her claims. Ly says she was fired shortly thereafter. Ly is suing for, among other things, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, retaliation for complaining about illegal conduct and breach of contract. JLL, Cain and Attolico are named as defendants in the suit

Carney Shegerian, the founder of Los Angeles-based employee rights law firm Shegerian & Associates, has commented on Ly’s suit.

“Ms. Ly went through all of the proper channels to correct the behavior of Mr. Cain,” said Shegerian. “JLL certainly let her down in more ways than one.”

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