SecureRedact Brings Video Anonymisation to All


Our appearance is our most recognisable biometric personal data. But it’s also one of the hardest to anonymise manually, requiring big teams to trawl through footage, and with significant risk of missing something.

What’s the difference between a video showing you were in a certain place at a certain time and the location data on your phone? This isn’t just about some abstract piece of digital data, this is one of the most important, biometric and unchangeable aspects of identity.

The conversation has become digitally-focused, and video is the link that locates you in the real world.

Key details:

●   Available in the cloud, with the option to host on premise where needed

●   Sign up to try the engine for free at

●   Usage based pricing

The challenges of anonymous video

Facial recognition is nothing new – but in most cases, the algorithms are trained to identify and profile iniduals, not to remove them. SecureRedact is designed for the exact opposite purpose, and errs on the side of caution to ensure no frames of facial privacy are missed.

Furthermore, it has been developed to thrive against even the most messy and difficult to process video, from sources like CCTV and vehicle-mounted cameras in all weather and lighting conditions. And it can be refined by learning from each organisation’s specific data to improve this further.

About SecureRedact

Secure Redact uses the latest Machine Learning technology to provide fast and accurate redaction of security, survey and events footage to keep your ongoing data operations compliant with GDPR and Data Privacy legislation without creating unnecessary manual work for your teams.

Secure Redact has been developed by Pimloc (, World experts in visual deep learning technology. The Secure Redact service uses Pimloc’s proprietary Deep Learning Platform which has been trained on millions of images and video. It has been further fine-tuned with domain specific video from security and road survey footage.

Please contact Simon Randall, for more info.