Sapio Sciences Announces The Immediate Availability Of Exemplar LIMS/ELN 11

BALTIMORE, March 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Sapio Sciences is pleased to announce the availability of Exemplar LIMS/ELN 11, a major expansion of our leading informatics platforms capabilities.   Exemplar 11 focuses strongly on our drive to continuously improve user experience via interface enhancements.  This release includes new data navigation aids, expanded searching capability, easier data viewing setup and new data and activity viewing components to enable quick and easy finding, viewing and traversing of your lab and scientific data.

With this release Sapio continues to expand Exemplar ELN Professional’s capabilities with class leading features focused on flexibility of information display enabling customers to view important information exactly the way they want.  Exemplar ELN and Exemplar LIMS offer the only fully capable LIMS and ELN in a single solution built on the same platform.  With Exemplar there is no need to integrate the solutions as all data is already shared across the system including Samples, Consumables, etc.  This means that pharma and biotech can have a single, ready-to-go, solution to address all their lab and science informatics needs that will serve as a knowledge base of all scientific research and lab work across their organization.

Exemplar Version 11 has also added a robust report builder module to the platform. The report builder enables drag and drop creation of templates that incorporate standard reporting elements such as headers, footers, static images, margins, static text, etc. along with data such as images, tables or forms sourced from Exemplar data records.

According to Kevin Cramer, CEO, “Exemplar 11 continues our intense commitment to improving our informatics platform usability, data visualizations and capabilities.  We are excited that over the last year Exemplar LIMS and ELN were selected as the global solution for both research and clinical labs at large pharmaceutical organizations and premier lab services providers.  We continue to listen and learn from our customers in these important domains regarding  how we can improve our platform to address their needs.   As we have in the past, based on their input and feedback, Sapio Sciences will continue to swiftly advance our capabilities to support our customers.”

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About Sapio Sciences LLC

Sapio Sciences is a leading provider of LIMS, ELN and Data Management software, enabling our customers to manage their laboratories, notebooks and scientific data.   Exemplar LIMS and ELN breaks new ground in its breadth of functionality and ease of configuration through its built-in Sample Management, Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Scientific Data Management (SDMS) capabilities all reachable through its intuitive, responsive, web-based user interface.

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