Rx Green Technologies Fuels Humvee

Russo uses Rx Green Technologies products to cultivate cannabis. Rx Green Technologies features pharmaceutical grade minerals, so Russo can be sure his patients medicine is clean and free from toxic heavy metals.

When Rx Green Technologies CEO Wes Matelich learned about Russo’s work with veterans, he wanted to help. “Bobby is doing something incredibly meaningful for veterans in this community. Lack of transportation should never exclude someone from access to care.”

Rx Green Technologies pledged to cover the 2019 annual fuel cost for Hive Medicinal’s Humvee, ensuring that Maine veterans will continue to have access to medicinal cannabis for the foreseeable future.

About Rx Green Technologies: Rx Green Technologies is a cannabis-specific agricultural input company, based in Manchester, NH and Denver, CO. Rx Green Technologies delivers and supports research-backed products to commercial cannabis cultivators, a historically underserved market. www.rxgreentechnologies.com

Gwen Hurd
Rx Green Technologies
(603) 836-4948 Ext. 122

SOURCE Rx Green Technologies

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