Robert Frank Mannis, Ph.D. is recognized by Continental Who’s Who


FREDERICK, Md., March 15, 2019 — Robert Frank Mannis, Ph.D. is recognized by Continental Who’s Who in the field of Psychology as a Clinical Psychologist at Evergreen Psychology Associates.             

With over 40 years of clinical experience and 65,000 clinical hours, Dr. Mannis specializes in expert, caring, and dedicated humanity-based psychological services. Philosophically and linguistically adept, Dr. Mannis is the author of the highly rated book, ARS NOVA. For newcomers entering the field, Dr. Mannis advises, “Find a connection to your own humanity and sustain that humanity with genuine humility and compassion for the struggles of others. The shadow side of psychology is an implicit arrogance about truth and that can lead to a dangerous professional hubris.”  Using empathy, Dr. Mannis is a believer that “people get better because they feel loved without contamination. The essential job of the effective psychologist is to witness without judgment the human struggle and suffering of one’s patients.”

Dr. Mannis received his PhD from the University of Maryland. 

Questioning the nature of humanity’s technologies that put money or convenience above human values, Dr. Mannis is proud to call himself a Luddite.

Dr. Mannis has a son and two daughters. He dedicates this recognition in loving memory of Charles “Ned” Wood, his maternal grandfather. He also dedicates this to Dr. Charles Perry Bosmajian, a friend indeed. 

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