Realty Pro 100 Raises $500K and Seeks $1.25M Initial Private Offering


NORTH TUSTIN, Calif., March 11, 2019 — Realty Pro 100℠ invites you to join us in a ground floor opportunity to invest in a real estate brokerage firm which focuses on an exceptional level of hospitality and customer service for our associates and clients.  The investment opportunity is available to “accredited investors” with a minimum investment of 4 shares at $12,500 each share ($50K). The benefit of investing with us is that it will ersify your portfolio by investing with nationally recognized performers in the industry.

Based on investor feedback and due to the incredible level of excitement and inquiry, we have decided to streamline our investor inquiry process. To access our Private Party Memorandum (PPO) simply email

“We were able to raise $500,000 through our pre-launch efforts prior to this initial offering,” stated CEO Joanne Vartanian. “We are very enthusiastic about the prospects of opening our proven methods and strategies to a wider range of investors,” she concluded.

Hospitality Realty Corp. (HRC) DBA Realty Pro 100℠ employs and associates with professionals who are licensed by the California Department of Real Estate as real estate licensees. Through our licensees, we help our clients locate, negotiate and purchase or sell houses as their primary residence, secondary residence, vacation home and/or investment property.

Realty Pro 100℠ is presently launching a 100-agent per location boutique brokerage firm positioned to grow the business of seasoned real estate professionals. There are traditional challenges that exist in economic market cycles.  At Realty Pro 100℠, we believe the cycles have no bearing on a company’s or an agent’s success and that the marketplace is always large enough to achieve our investor’s goals.

“Creating a positive and uplifting environment is a key area of focus for Realty Pro 100℠, which enables our associates to strengthen their client relationships and success.  We are proud of the decades of proven experience our management team provides,” said Mary Walters, Vice President and General Manager.

To view our Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) confidentially, become an accredited investor and learn how to invest in a dynamic real estate brokerage firm, please email us: or visit Realty Pro 100℠.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Hospitality Realty Corp.

CalDRE# 02059058

SOURCE Realty Pro 100

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