Real Estate Attorney Long Island NY, Markotsis & Lieberman, Esq., Discusses the Process of Selling A Property


HICKSVILLE, N.Y., March 14, 2019 — Deciding to sell your house is a big step in starting the next chapter of your life. It’s an extensive and multi-faceted process that may seem daunting at first, but a real estate attorney will be able to help guide you through each step of the way. Real Estate Attorney Long Island NY, Markotsis & Lieberman, Esq., discusses the process of selling a property.

The first step is finding a listing agent and determining your list price. A listing agent is there to represent you and act in your best interest throughout the entirety of this process. Interview several agents and make sure to choose the one that has significant experience and that you’re comfortable with. Together, you’ll identify similar homes that have sold and consider the current market to choose your list price.

Now, the showing begins! There are several things that need to occur during this stage. Before anything, you want to make sure your house is decluttered and clean to ensure it makes a great first impression on potential buyers. Once you’re ready to show, collaborate with your agent to develop the best marketing strategy to increase interest and get the most traffic you can. Consider hosting an Open House to encourage more buyers to visit your home.

Once you receive an offer that you’re happy with, it will be time to negotiate, accept the offer and move to contract. Your lawyer and the buyer’s lawyer will draft and review the contract until both parties have accepted the terms. The final contract will then be released and signed by both parties and at that point, the sale becomes binding.

After the contract has been finalized and signed, it’s time to close. This is when the property is officially exchanged from one owner to another.  At this point, you’ll be moved out of the home, accept any final payment, and hand over the keys. The bulk of the money and the deed will be transferred by each party’s respective attorneys and you will then use that money to pay off your mortgage.

Although we’ve simplified this process to several steps, within each step are legal proceedings that require an attorney who has expertise in real estate law. Your attorney will be able to guide you through the process and ensure that you understand all the documentation you’ll be signing. They’ll also assist you in hitting any milestones you need in a timely manner, so you are able to sell your home as seamlessly as possible and move on to your next endeavor.

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