™ Introduces Makeup Reader to Alleviate Difficulty of Applying Makeup with Reading Glasses

INDIANAPOLIS, March 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — For those who require the extra assistance of reading glasses, applying makeup can be a difficult task. Either they get in the way or they have to be removed, preventing one from seeing. Consequently, many women turn to magnified vanity mirrors instead. While these are convenient, they’re not easily portable so can’t be used on-the-go or while away from home. That’s why™ introduced The Kellyn Makeup Reader, an easy way to use your reading magnification and apply your makeup at the same time.

The Kellyn Makeup Reader is designed to allow you to wear your readers with the proper magnification while simultaneously applying makeup in the mirror. Simply switch the swiveling lens when you need to do the other eye. The lens is fully magnified in powers up to +3.00 and is offered with spring hinges, fully magnified lenses, and fun tortoise colors. These makeup readers will change the way makeup is applied.

To determine the reading power needed for makeup readers, one must first know the standard reading distance is 12-18 inches. With this in mind, users should consider how close they typically stand to the mirror when applying makeup. The further away one stands from the mirror, the lower the power should be from your standard reading power, and the closer one stands to the mirror, the higher the power should be from your standard reading power. Learn more about how users can find their reading power with’s PowerFinder.

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