Rain Forest International, Inc. Opens U.S. Headquarters, Adds Management and Expands Product Line


CHINCHA ALTA, Peru, March 12, 2019 — Rain Forest International, Inc. (the “Company”) (OTC: RFII), announced today that the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Rain Forest Nutraceuticals, Inc. (“Rain Forest”) has opened its Southwestern United States headquarters in Cave Creek, Arizona, and expanded its product line to include a Golden Berry seed extract (Physalis Peruviana).

Tim Shoniker, now Chief Administrative Officer of Rain Forest, has been working with Rain Forest for almost a year and is largely responsible for the extraordinary steps it has taken in bringing our products to the U.S. consumer. Vincent Piraneo, now Executive Vice President of Rain Forest, is responsible for Rain Forest’s Southwestern U.S. operations. Tim Shoniker and Vince Piraneo have fifteen and ten years experience respectively in the Health and Wellness sector specializing in natural nutrients grown and cultivated in completely organic and “green” environments.

Golden berries are the new nutraceutical “super food”. They are high in fiber with zero grams of fat, gluten free and a fantastic source of vitamins A, B and C. Golden berries also contain carotenoids, polyphenols, are non GMO, and contain potent antioxidants that are vital in the fight against free radicals.  Our grape seed extract capsules and golden berry seed extract capsules will be available through our first retail partner, AzWHOLEistic during March, 2019, under Rain Forest’s signature brand name, Inca Berrie.

Tim Shoniker is a very successful entrepreneur who has built several successful businesses over the past thirty five years.   Vince Piraneo has had extensive executive experience as an Account Manager at Isidiol International Inc., one of the pre-eminent companies in the U.S. incorporating CBDs with a variety of nutraceutical products.

Jose Veliz, President of Rain Forest states, “We are very excited with the opening of our U.S. headquarters and initial entry to the U.S. retail market and are confident that our new management team will be expanding operations and retail sales, in the near future.”

About Rain Forest International, Inc.:

Rain Forest International, Inc. (www.rainforestinternational.com), is a business opportunity company with a primary focus on working with and/or acquiring operational companies to work with for the purpose of enhancing shareholder value.  Through its wholly owned subsidiary Rain Forest Nutraceuticals, Inc., it markets and sells a line of nutraceutical products based on a premium grape seed and golden berry seed extract, from the Amazon Rain Forest.

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