Quiet Trendsetters Like Green New Deal, But Doubt Feasibility

Most Quiet Trendsetters (61%) are unfamiliar with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Green New Deal’s most vocal advocate, and 73% have no opinion of her.  However, 16% have an unfavorable opinion, for reasons including perceived arrogance and lack of experience. If she continues to be the Green New Deal’s most vocal proponent, it will be important to change these perceptions.

“She comes across as arrogant in her ignorance, which is a very dangerous combination.”

“I have no idea how she was elected into her position with zero experience and very limited knowledge of what our country’s real needs are.”

Quiet Trendsetters do like key elements of the plan she proposes, even if they aren’t familiar with the formal plan, with 70+% support for: 

  • Shifting our power generation to renewable resources (77%)
  • Upgrading all buildings to current energy efficiency standards (77%)
  • Providing education to all (77%)
  • Guarantee of health care, housing, economic security, clean water and healthy food, access to nature (74%)

However, while most like the ideas in the plan, there’s almost unanimous (96%) belief that it’s unrealistic.  Only 2% feel it could become legislation in the next 5 years.  

The reasons people give center on difficulty believing it focus on the large ambitions of the plan and the likely costs:

“It’s simply pie in the sky, unrealistic, too expensive and too much government control.”

“I support most of the ideas behind this legislation, but I don’t understand how it would be paid for or how you can “guarantee” some of those things for every person.”

“They’re good intentions, but there is nothing to say HOW they will be accomplished, or where the funds for carrying them out would come from.”

This response to the Green New Deal suggests that these Quiet Trendsetters, who could play a pivotal role in the 2020 election, are open to new and possibly revolutionary ideas, if they are presented in a way that is both feasible and affordable.

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