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  • Say Goodbye to Over-40 Fat This Spring
  • WOMAN: 5 Steps to Access Assertiveness
  • Integrative Medicine and the Opioid Crisis



  • 21st Century Hustle: Freelancing in the Fast-Moving Gig Economy
  • Media Insider: What’s Making News This Week
  • Blog Profiles: Food & Recipe Blogs


Say Goodbye to Over-40 Fat This Spring
Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., CNS

The First Lady of Nutrition

According to research from Harvard University, 80% of women over 40 feel fat, foggy, and fatigued because of a surprising culprit — clogged bile. What’s more, when women improve their bile health, their metabolism increases by up to 53%. Healthy bile also has a significant impact on hormone levels to help you slim down faster. Clean, free-flowing bile reduces fat-promoting estrogen and improves thyroid function. Says Gittleman: “Bile is the forgotten switch. Once we get bile flowing again, everything comes into balance. You’re not just going to lose weight — you’re going to help heal all the metabolic issues that are affecting your body.”

Gittleman is available to discuss bile-boosting foods and pre-meal “mocktails” that will fast-track your slimdown this spring: “Bitter is better. Eating bitter foods sets off a chain reaction that prods the body to create more bile. Seasonal bitter greens like watercress, arugula, endive, dandelion, and radicchio are perfectly timed to release winter fat. Other bile-boosting superfoods include sesame seeds, coconut oil, Swiss chard, citrus, dandelion tea, grapefruit, coffee, artichokes, and even dark chocolate.”

A diet and nutrition trendsetter, Gittleman is the author of the new book “Radical Metabolism: A Powerful New Plan to Blast Fat and Reignite Your Energy in Just 21 Days.” She is the author of 30 books on weight loss, diet and detox, women’s health, men’s health, perimenopause, menopause, beauty and the environment. Her “The Fat Flush Plan” series and “Before the Change” were also New York Times bestsellers.


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WOMAN: 5 Steps to Access Assertiveness
Crystal Andrus Morissette


S.W.A.T. Institute

“Assertiveness is an art in and of itself. It requires us to be mindful, aware, and courageous; to wake up and be present, to expand our level of consciousness by paying attention to the ‘now’ — the present moment — with all of our senses. It requires us to know, for certain, that our life matters, our needs matter, and our happiness matters. To access your assertiveness, use the WOMAN acronym. W: What are my intentions? O: Overlook the obvious. M: Manage my emotions. A: Ask the right questions. N: Negotiate new healthy boundaries.”

Morissette, an international best-selling author, Emotional Age and communication expert, and women’s advocate, is a worldwide leader in the field of self-discovery and personal transformation. She is the founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer), an empowerment coach certification exclusively for women that she created with fellow female visionaries Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Colette Baron-Reid, and Sandra Anne Taylor among others. Morissette is the author of several best-selling books, including “The Emotional Edge: Discover Your Inner Age, Ignite Your Hidden Strengths and Reroute Misdirected Fear to Live Your Fullest.” She is also certified in nutrition and sports medicine. She overcame seemingly insurmountable odds — her parents’ turbulent divorce, rape, abuse, homelessness, cervical cancer, a traumatic head injury, and more — to create a life of joy and purpose. Now, she is helping women all over the world to do the same. Morissette has appeared on, the New York Post, Fox TV, the Daily Mail, CBS Radio, CTV, CityTV, Global TV, Slice TV, the Globe and Mail, and the Toronto Star. She lives in southern Ontario with her husband and two daughters.

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Integrative Medicine and the Opioid Crisis

Dr. Shamini Jain

Clinical Psychologist, CEO

The Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI)

“There’s a serious need to provide sustainable solutions for this catastrophic problem we are having with pain, suffering, and opiate addiction. Research tells us that integrative medicine tools such as acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and others could give those who are suffering new, accessible avenues for relief. Pain may be inevitable, but suffering is optional. These integrative medicine approaches help us learn how to heal ourselves, rather than feeling helpless to solve our suffering.”

Dr. Jain is a psychologist, scientist, and social entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative, a nonprofit collaborative accelerator that connects scientists, health practitioners, innovators, and social entrepreneurs to advance the science and practice of healing. She also serves as an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Jain was trained in neuroscience at Columbia University and in clinical psychology and psychoneuroimmunology at UC San Diego. As illustrated in her TEDx talk, Dr. Jain has a natural gift for translating difficult scientific concepts into easily understandable, practical action steps. She has been featured on Gaia TV, Curious Minds with Deepak Chopra, the documentary “Vibration: The Symphony of Life,” CNN, US News and World Report, Time magazine, Prevention magazine, and more. Dr. Jain is on the board of directors of Greenheart International, Modern Spirit, and Leap Forward. In her free time, Dr Jain enjoys spending time with her husband and two children at their home in Greer, S.C. You may also find her singing heavy metal! Her last musical project was as the lead singer for an Iron Maiden tribute band in San Diego, California, where she lived for 18 years.

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