Principle Business Enterprises Accomplishes Safety Milestone


DUNBRIDGE, Ohio, March 11, 2019 — Principle Business Enterprises, Inc. (PBE) is proud to announce the achievement of over One Million consecutive hours worked without an OSHA Lost Time Accident. This includes two full years of work as of Friday, February 22, 2019.

“Our goal is zero injuries every day,” said Joe Matthews, Senior Manager of Safety, Facilities and Project Services. “We create and maintain an injury-free workplace for Associates by following strict safety standards from our parking lot to the production floor.”

PBE holds excellence and continuous improvement as two of its seven core values, which specifically includes a goal to continually raise the bar for safety standards across the organization. In pursuit of that goal, PBE has partnered with the Safety Council of Northwest Ohio, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC), and JDRM Engineering Inc. over the past two years to identify opportunities to improve its health and safety programs, implement new safety protocols, and train Associates about safety standards. The Company also enhanced its communication practices by adding department and shift-based safety committees along with physical and electronic boards for posting safety reminders and daily results.

“This is a milestone in pursuit of our strategic priority to establish PBE as a top Midwest manufacturer and employer,” says Andrew Stocking, President of PBE. “We are committed to producing meaningful jobs and a safe work environment. Thanks to our Associates and partners for their role in making PBE a safe place to work.”


Principle Business Enterprises (PBE), Inc. manufactures high-performance absorbent products, as well as other consumer good products with applications in healthcare, industrial processing, and at home. PBE is a woman-owned family business with two locations in Northwest Ohio. Founded in 1961, PBE has maintained a mission to be a principle-centered business that uplifts, enlightens, and enriches the lives of those it serves so that they can live more abundantly. PBE operationalizes this through continued product innovation and market expansion of products that improve the human condition and elevate the quality of life for its customers. More information is available at   

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