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DOVER, N.J., March 13, 2019 — While being mindful of your taxes throughout the year is important, tax season is the time of year when preparations truly get underway. Casio America, Inc. is reminding consumers that having the right tools on-hand for tax preparation can lead you to success. Its extensive portfolio of printing calculators includes easy-to-use features that aid in the preparation of taxes this season.

Casio’s HR-170RC printing calculator offers a check function which allows users to check and correct up to 150 steps, enabling users to quickly review their tax calculations and make any corrections with ease. The reprint function allows the printing of duplicate copies, and the clock and calendar function prints the time and date to help you keep precise records. Additionally, two-color printing and speed of two lines per second enable speedy budgeting calculations. This compact printing calculator also comes with an adaptor or can run off of four AA batteries, making it a versatile asset this tax season.

With a large 12-digit display, the HR-150TMPlus a functional printing calculator is a tax time tool with clear button visibility for easy typing. An independent memory saves the last entry or formula processed for confirmation of precise calculations and also includes a full decimal system, percent, profit, and margin keys. The HR-150TMPlus comes with an adaptor or can run off of four AA batteries.

For those seeking speedy calculations this tax season the DR-120TM-BK prints up to 4.4 lines per second. Additionally, the key rollover feature enables key operations to be stored in a buffer, so nothing is lost even during high-speed input. Two color printing allows for easy checking of calculations, with positive values shown in black and negative values shown in red. With a large, 12-digit display, totals are clearly visible to users for accurate calculations this tax season.

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