Power Selling Pros Launches AI-Powered Chat Service, PowerChats

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Utilizing more than 10 years of knowledge of how to nurture incoming leads and create positive customer experiences, Power Selling Pros was able to create an innovative online chat service that, according to Power Selling Pros and PowerChats founder and president Brigham Dickinson, converts web users into leads at a much higher rate than other lead-capture tools.

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“Our data shows that we generate more leads, positive reviews and completed chats than companies that only offer live chat,” Dickinson said. “The problem is most businesses treat their website like an empty storefront; it’s pretty, but no one is there to greet the customer. PowerChats greets the customer, captures their lead info and does so faster than other tools.”

PowerChats works by offering website visitors a user-friendly interface and a clear choice that allows them to dictate how they want to steer the chat. By offering consumers the ability to choose whether they want to chat, leave a review, schedule an appointment or call the business directly, potential leads arrive at their desired destination or outcome in less time. This results in more completed chats, more lead information captured and happier customers.

“PowerChats clients can even add custom buttons to their chat, driving more traffic to the most important pages of their website,” Dickinson said. “Additionally, since we have less overhead than a live-chat only service, we’re able to offer PowerChats to business owners at a fraction of the price.”

The technology is also versatile, with customizable interfaces and Facebook Messenger integration, among other features that all work to modernize the communication between customers and home service businesses.

“By combining our expertise in customer-service training with the technology element of an AI-powered chat service, we’re able to help companies own the customer conversation,” Dickinson said. “We’re supplementing customer service representatives to expand a company’s reach and create the best customer experience in the market. Many of our clients have added hundreds of new jobs and thousands more in revenue using PowerChats in their business.” 

To schedule a PowerChats demo or to discover more information, visit www.powerchats.com.

About PowerChats
PowerChats is an artificial intelligence-powered website chat service that specializes in helping home service companies generate and capture more leads by utilizing a user-friendly interface and clear, efficient messaging. PowerChats clients see a higher chat completion rate, more leads generated and more positive online reviews posted compared to other chat service clients. By providing more options and deeper levels of customization than a typical chat service, PowerChats users and their customers alike experience unparalleled satisfaction and results. To schedule a demo of PowerChats, go to PowerChats.com or call 801-253-1004.

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Ripley PR


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