Positioning the Truly Exceptional for Generations to Come


“I deeply know family business on a personal level as well as professionally. My entire family, myself included, is made up of entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses comprised of inventors, financial firms, restauranteurs, and service companies. One thing I know is how these types of businesses impact families, for better or for worse,” said Lemonides.

The Verve Marketing & Design journey began in 1988 after Lemonides graduated from Carnegie Mellon University and started her career as an Art Director, quickly branching out into business consulting with a marketing focus. After consulting and providing marketing services for over two decades, Lemonides began gravitating towards working with companies that produced bespoke products and services as a result of her interest in businesses driven with a passion to produce “the exceptional.”

“Our passion is helping companies with extraordinary products and services achieve meaningful growth. We deliver marketing solutions customized to each of our clients’ specific needs. We collaborate as a partner, truly devoted to helping our clients achieve their goals — today and well into the future,” said Lemonides.

Verve Marketing & Design also practices what they preach as Lemonides’ son recently joined the family business. Lemonides said of her son as part of the team, “Tyler has come on board as an Account Executive, and it’s given me a deeper perspective on the pros and cons of working with a family member. But it’s a great thing because it allows me to help my clients in a more authentic way. Plus, it’s wonderful to see his growth as a young professional in real time.”

Verve Marketing & Design’s work continues to evolve as Lemonides’ consulting with family-owned business reveals erse challenges and incredible opportunities. Above all, Lemonides focuses on shaping, directing, and growing revenue for her clients. The most rewarding aspect of the work she does with families is enabling second and third generation opportunities in businesses.

“This is where the true joy lies,” said Lemonides. “Changing lives, helping families, and giving new vivacity to forgotten visions, ultimately allowing new generations to prosper.”

Verve Marketing & Design would love to help more family businesses achieve their goals. To schedule a consultation with Diane, President & Brand Strategist, please email info@vervemarketinganddesign.com.

SOURCE Verve Marketing and Design

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