PosiGen Opens Baton Rouge, LA Office

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“Some families would not have access to clean energy without PosiGen,” said Mayor-President Weston Broome.  “The deep investment, which is a hallmark of my administration, an investment in dis-invested communities, wholly embodies my mission of equity and inclusion across the City no matter what the zip code. So PosiGen, I look forward to working with you. I welcome you into our community as you continue to advance in your achievements and operations right here in the Capital City. Thank you for adding value to the lives of families, saving the environment and certainly aligning with my vision of progress for this community.”

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PosiGen team members were also on hand to explain the company’s “Solar For All” mission, which makes solar and energy efficiency available to all homeowners, regardless of income or credit score.  Two Baton Rouge area customers spoke about the savings and other reasons they chose to go solar with PosiGen.

Katherine Robillard, a single mother, says she was shocked by the savings from the beginning. “It was a budget crunch month and the extra money in my wallet allowed for me to do something special with my son,” Robillard said. “The whole experience has been win-win. Not only am I able to reduce my carbon footprint in my community and save money, the most important part has been being able to teach and show my son the benefits of going solar.”

“PosiGen took care of everything,” said customer Susan Kaufman. “They came into our home and did an analysis and sealed all of our leaking doors and made our home energy efficient. Of course we appreciate the savings, but for us the environment is really important and moving Baton Rouge forward is really important and renewable energy is the future, it is progress, it is our future.”

PosiGen’s Baton Rouge office is starting off with a sales team of 10 employees.  The future plan is to base their operations center in Baton Rouge, creating 30+ high-paying jobs. PosiGen CEO Tom Neyhart is excited about the impact his company looks to make in Baton Rouge.

“The new office will not only help Baton Rouge homeowners who need it most face their energy burdens, but will also inject the local economy with the addition of well-paying, cutting edge renewable energy jobs,” Neyhart said. “We are excited about the potential for growth in the Baton Rouge market. Our goal is to help as many people as possible, and by being the only solar company focusing on low-to-moderate income homeowners, we know we are making an impact on deserving families.”

Since 2011, PosiGen has worked to close the clean energy affordability gap by delivering lower utility bills and the benefits of clean energy through solar panels and energy efficiency upgrades to low-to-moderate homeowners. Baton Rouge and surrounding area homeowners will now join the 13,000+ homeowners across the country who are already enjoying PosiGen solar savings. In addition to Louisiana, PosiGen currently operates in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Florida, with plans for more expansion.

Headquartered in New Orleans, LA, PosiGen is one of the nation’s leading residential solar, energy efficiency and energy education providers for low-to-moderate income families. PosiGen has more than 13,000 residential customers, over 220 direct employees and supports more than 120 employees through its contractors in Louisiana, Connecticut, New Jersey and Florida. PosiGen’s unique services and products make solar energy affordable to homeowners of all income levels, and offer iniduals, families and businesses the opportunity to achieve greater fiscal autonomy and energy independence by lowering their utility bills. To learn everything about PosiGen, please visit www.posigen.com.

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