Polystar’s Kalix Helps Asia Pacific Operator Optimise Services and Integrate Data with Key Systems, Boosting Visibility for High-profile Sporting Events and Roaming


STOCKHOLM, March 19, 2019 — Polystar, a leading supplier of Customer Experience Management, Service Assurance, Network Monitoring and test solutions for the telecom industry today announced that a leading CSP from the Asia Pacific region has added KALIX, Polystar’s real-time analytics solution to its portfolio, helping boost visibility of service performance and to consolidate data for visualisation.

The CSP, a long-time Polystar customer, chose KALIX to supplement investments in its OSIX monitoring product suite, and to replace an existing Jupiter solution. The deployments bring new insights and data consolidation capabilities to its operations. In turn, these have allowed the CSP to focus efforts on specific services and for special events, such as high-profile sports competitions. The award-winning KALIX is designed to enable more users to access real-time network data ensuring that insights are spread effectively across the organisation.

The initial use case focused on service optimisation and performance monitoring for a major international sporting event. In this case, the flexibility of KALIX has been shown to be of increasing value, as it has allowed the CSP to customise new portals. For example, during the event, the CSP was able to focus on the performance of streaming video for its customers, enabling analysis of codec performance and download speed.

Similarly, during a second international event, the CSP launched another new portal to enable real-time SQI monitoring across both event locations as well as the athletes’ accommodation. This helped to ensure optimised performance during a high-profile event that attracted large-scale audiences, many of which were also roaming customers.

More recently, the CSP has extended use to cover roaming services. KALIX provides clear visibility of mobile data consumption, helping to ensure that roaming customers avoid higher than expected bills and facilitating new credit purchases. This reduces their costs while offering a better overall experience.

A key advantage offered by KALIX is ease of integration with third-party solutions. In this case, the CSP used API integration to export data to its deployment of Grafana, a well-known data modelling tool. This combines data from different sources to provide a consolidated view, spanning real-time network as well as CRM data.

“KALIX has already proven its worth, enabling new levels of customisation and adaptability,” noted Andrew Hodson, Vice President Asia Pacific Sales from Polystar. “However, with new IoT services being launched and 5G on its way, it’s expected that new value and insights will be also unlocked to support the CSP’s ongoing service and network investment programme.”

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