Phillip Sarofim Announces UCLA Scholarship Endowment

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The new endowment will support student success and opportunity by creating a sustainable funding source for undergraduate students facing rising tuition costs that keep many from completing their education.  The scholarship, which will be administered by the UCLA Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, includes a preference for students facing cancer.

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“For all students, especially those battling or in remission from cancer, the opportunity for career advancement begins with higher education. I look forward to launching the scholarship fund in fall 2019, supporting talented, deserving students who require financial assistance to pursue their goals,” said Sarofim.

In addition to the formation of the UCLA scholarship fund, Sarofim, a stage II Hodgkin lymphoma survivor, is also dedicated to supporting cancer research through several distinguished medical facilities, including Cedars-Sinai Cancer, a facility committed to finding breakthroughs in cancer research and providing compassionate, personalized patient care.

Sarofim is chief executive officer of Trousdale Ventures, LLC (, a privately held investment firm whose portfolio encompasses a variety of companies involved in technology, medical, IT management, food manufacturing, lifestyle consumer and child development products.

SOURCE Trousdale Ventures, LLC

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