Pharmaoffer, a Pharma Tech Start-up is Fighting Global Medicine Shortage


The new start-up has recognized how the industry has been suffering from conservative issues. With this user-friendly platform, the industry can adapt to the internet generation and make use of its benefits to the generation where everything is found online.

Ammar Badwy, co-founder of Pharmaoffer:

“The pharmaceutical industry is lagging 15 years behind with digital innovation compared to other markets. Worldwide, pharmacists are struggling to find high-quality pharmaceutical raw materials necessary for the production of safe medicine. To solve this problem the industry needs to digitize. In our day-to-day life we are used to the benefits of transparent platforms such as Airbnb, or Amazon. One place with all available parties. These platforms give us more choice of suppliers, faster services, better prices and safer transactions. The future of pharma is digital and we believe that pharmaceutical buyers and suppliers should enjoy the same benefits too. That’s why we started Pharmaoffer.”

For the production of medicines, companies need raw materials from qualified suppliers. Medicines are a combination of active pharmaceutical ingredients (the actual drug itself) and excipients (inactive ingredients which are used as fillers/binders/coatings of the tablet). The process of finding new qualified suppliers for these raw materials is time-consuming because of all laws and regulations. With Pharmaoffer, buyers are no longer limited to their network of suppliers. The platform has successfully connected buyers and supplier from 172 countries.

About Pharmaoffer

Pharmaoffer is a global B2B online platform for buyers and suppliers of pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs, Excipients and Intermediates). Suppliers listed on the website can manage their company page by adding products and showing their quality certificates. Buyers can use Pharmaoffer to find an overview of all worldwide manufacturers and send inquiries and orders directly to the supplier of their choice. Pharmaoffer has created an easy to use online platform free from advertisement.

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