PFL and Outreach Partner to Add Tactile Marketing to the Digital Mix to Improve Sales Performance


LIVINGSTON, Mont., March 11, 2019 — PFL, a leading MarTech company that is pioneering the ‘Tactile Marketing Automation’ category, today announced a strategic partnership with Outreach, a leading sales engagement platform, to give sales teams a more effective way to engage prospects and customers. The partnership will integrate Outreach’s leading sales engagement platform with the power and convenience of PFL’s highly scalable, tactile marketing automation solutions to help sales reps easily add customized direct mail pieces and gifts to an orchestrated, multichannel marketing approach. The result is a more compelling sales experience that drives significant increases in pipeline, conversion and a faster time-to-close.

“We’re all inundated with thousands of digital messages a day, but studies show that touching something physical stimulates our emotions and ultimately improves the perception of a brand,” said Andrew Field, PFL founder and CEO. “We are joining the Outreach Galaxy partner program to put the power of direct mail and high impact packages directly into the hands of sales reps so they can engage prospects and customers. Together with Outreach, we are pioneering a new approach to B2B marketing that empowers sales reps to do what they do best: stand out, get noticed and close more deals.”

PFL’s highly scalable solutions are natively integrated with all the leading marketing automation and CRM vendors so end users can orchestrate each touchpoint within their existing workflow. With PFL, Outreach users will be able to rapidly customize highly targeted, personalized and trackable physical packages such as gifts, direct mail, tchotchkes and other marketing material to prospects and customers. 

By leveraging the rich behavioral data and intelligence within a client’s CRM system, PFL ensures packages are mailed at precisely the right time in the campaign – to the right person at the right address. Once the item is received, an alert is created so the sales representative can take immediate action after the package is opened, resulting in rapid conversations between sales teams and their prospects. Sales reps gain immediate insight into the ROI from physical packages and are able to quickly increase pipeline velocity and close deals. Unlike other solutions that rely on plug-ins for CRM and marketing integration, PFL’s native integrations ensure that a client’s critical data remains within their system of record – guaranteeing a better user experience and security.

“Our integration with PFL will ensure that our customers have access to a scalable tactile marketing solution that is proven to garner more attention and close more deals,” said Mark Kosoglow, Vice President of Sales at Outreach. “With the click of a button, our users will be able to send personalized direct mail and custom gifts – all seamlessly integrated to ensure relevant and timely follow up. PFL is an important partner in our quest to give sales reps every tool possible to find and win deals.”

About Outreach Galaxy

Outreach Galaxy is a platform for integration partners to more deeply integrate, and a new way for reps to engage with prospects – all on Outreach. Outreach, the leading sales engagement platform, is investing further in the sales ecosystem, with 500+ companies utilizing the Outreach API and over 30 recognized integrations. Galaxy is the one application that drives any action – enabling reps to more effectively leverage all the tools that drive success in finding and winning deals right from one platform. The result is a seamless selling experience for the reps, more time saved, and increased productivity. To learn more about active Galaxy integrations, please visit

About PFL

PFL is a leading provider of Tactile Marketing Automation solutions that help brands rise above the digital noise and be heard. With over 12,000 active customers, PFL provides sales enablement and marketing automation solutions, as well as printing, mailing and fulfillment services, to directly connect B2B and B2C organizations with cutting-edge solutions that accelerate productivity and drive business forward. The company is co-headquartered in Livingston, Montana and Indianapolis, Indiana. For more information, please visit

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