Paulson & Co. Opposes Terms of Newmont’s Proposed Acquisition of Goldcorp

  • The $1.5 billion premium to Goldcorp shareholders is unjustified given Goldcorp’s poor performance;
  • As currently structured, the synergies from the transaction would only accrue to Goldcorp shareholders;
  • The transaction would transfer a significant percentage of the value created by Newmont’s recently announced Nevada joint venture with Barrick to Goldcorp shareholders instead of preserving this value for Newmont shareholders; and
  • Following the creation of the Nevada joint venture, Newmont is positioned to create greater value as a stand-alone entity than if the acquisition were completed under current terms.

Paulson would reconsider its position if the undue premium to Goldcorp shareholders was eliminated and the full value of the recently-announced Nevada joint venture was retained for Newmont shareholders.  Adjusting the exchange ratio from 0.328 shares to a maximum of 0.254 would accomplish those objectives and result in an accretive transaction for Newmont shareholders.  The full text of the letter is attached to this press release.

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