PathFinder Digital Awarded Contracts by General Dynamics Mission Systems for US Army PM Prophet Program

PathFinder Digital was also awarded a follow-on contract by General Dynamics Mission Systems for upgrades and resets to PathFinder’s BAT-750 satellite terminals.  Upgrades include integration of a new antenna control unit and modem, installation of EMI filters, and installation of enhancements to reduce vibration of the antenna while operating on military M-ATVs in harsh terrain. Reset of the terminals to fully operational condition is also part of the scope of work.

“PathFinder is proud to have built and fielded with the Prophet Program the BAT-750 and BAT-1214 terminals. And we are especially pleased to see these terminals being refurbished for continued service to the US ARMY” said Roger McGarrahan, CEO of PathFinder Digital LLC.      

PathFinder’s BAT product line is protected under US Patent # 8,867,986 B1.

About PathFinder Digital LLC

PathFinder specializes in the development of mobile ground terminal satellite communications solutions engineered to meet the unique and particular needs of each project, primarily for military and government agency programs. PathFinder identifies or develops the best solutions to meet the objectives of each set of communications requirements.  PathFinder uses the best available products, re-engineered or developed if necessary, to create the most effective and cost beneficial communications solutions for its customers. 

For more information please visit  PathFinder personnel can be reached at or (404) 478-2082.

SOURCE PathFinder Digital LLC

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